Remodelling any room in your home can be a challenge but the bathroom is one of those rooms where you can end up spending a lot of money when you didn’t need to.

Today we will be looking at some of the best ways you can remodel your bathroom so you can keep your budget down and also get the bathroom you desire.

Start with a plan.

A plan can help you decide what type of bathroom you want to achieve and it can also help you with hiring any tradesmen that you may need too. Most reputable tradesmen are booked for months in advance so having a plan will allow you to make the project run more smoothly.

In your plan, you should have a rough start date, an idea of what work you would like commenced and a list of suppliers along with costs of materials such as fixtures and fittings.

Decide on a style

Bathroom design companies can help you design a bathroom but before going to them you should have a rough idea of the type of bathroom that you would like to make. For this, you can look at websites such as Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration.

You can print out or save these pictures to your phone and then take them with you to your bathroom designer which will then be able to advise what fixtures, fittings and accessories you will need to replicate the look.

Select the right type of furniture

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to bathroom design is that they pick the wrong type of bathroom furniture for their home. Most of us don’t have large bathrooms so if your bathroom is on the smaller end you will need to use the right bathroom furniture to make it work.

You can use corner baths, wet rooms, combination vanity units and much more to combine furniture when your bathroom is small. You can also use accessories such as bathroom mirrors to make your room look bigger than it is.  Bathroom mirrors come in a variety of sizes and styles such as LED Mirrors or circle mirrors. You will need to look for inspiration to see which bathroom mirror suits your style.

Start with the cheapest options first.

If your bathroom design is constricted by your budget then you can start with the cheapest options first. Things like tiles, grout, fixtures and fittings don’t cost too much but they can make a big difference. You can then replace the larger items like your bathtub or shower when you have more of a budget.  

Make sure to shop around

Many bathroom companies sell similar types of products. For example, a roll-top cast iron bath could set you back thousands with one company, but you could get a cheaper alternative from another bathroom company that looks similar for half the cost.

Shopping around will allow you to get the best value for your budget and will allow you to stretch your budget a little further. You can shop online or locally for your bathroom supplies, we recommend you try both.

Make sure you have a reserve budget.

Having a reserve budget will allow you to take the stress off when remodelling your home. With the bathroom, you can come across unexpected costs along the way and having a reserve budget will allow you to fix those problems without it disrupting your bathroom design too much.


Remodelling your bathroom can increase the value of your home and it can make your home more enjoyable to live in. Remodelling your bathroom can be a stressful experience and your budget can be used up very quickly if you don’t have a plan in place. Using the tips in this article you should now have a better idea of the steps you should take when remodelling your bathroom.