Buy a For most people, owning a car is a necessity while for some, it is a luxury. In a world where bigger is considered to be better, selected car manufacturers are challenging that notion and going the opposite way by creating smaller cars. This new urban trend can also be seen in other industries such as real estate with recent developments of tiny homes. One of such car manufacturers is Daimler AG, the producers of Mercedes-Benz. Its latest model, the Smart ForTwo Cabrio, is the perfect car for driving in a modern city. Here are a few reasons why.

Smaller is Smarter

Not too long ago, during the industrial revolution, growth and modernization were measured by how big and how high structures were, and now they are measured by how far and fast products such as cars could go. This has made cities seem congested with intimidating building structures. In the United Kingdom, much like other European countries, the roads are narrow with limited parking spaces. Replacing your truck or jeep with a smaller car would be a community service. The smaller cars there are on the roads, the easier driving becomes, the faster people get to their destinations. The Smart ForTwo Cabrio is perfect for single folks or those living away from family. It is a two-door car that spans between 2.5-metres (8.2 ft) and 2.69-metres (8.8 ft) in length. It is a practical car.

Easy Parking

As city roads become more and more congested with traffic, commuting time is on the rise. For clever residents, the Smart Fortwo Cabrio is the smart way to live in the city. Its small size means it can easily manoeuvre any road networks and enjoy easy parking.

Fuel Economy

With an engine size of 999 ccs and a fuel tank capacity of 35 litres, the Smart Fortwo Cabrio is one of the most fuel economical cars in the market. And if you want to promote a green economy, then the electric special edition is the one for you. It has 0g/km CO2 emission and a 1 cc engine size. Not only would you be saving the environment, but you would also be saving on fuel.

High Technology and Easy Maintenance

Daimler AG, much like other German car producers, is renowned for their quality and technologically sophisticated cars. The Smart Fortwo Cabrio incorporates state-of-the-art technology that ensures safety and luxury are combined without compromise. This also makes it easy to maintain. Sandown-Group, UK’s top car dealership and service provider, has over 35 years of experience servicing Smart cars. Simply book an appointment to have your car checked out in case of any car troubles. Better yet, schedule a recurring maintenance check-up to ensure your car runs smoothly and has the latest software updates installed.


The Smart ForTwo Cabrio is best suited for a city lifestyle. Its small engine and tank give it a limited range (about 93 km), which is more than enough to go around major cities. It is eco-friendly and practical for single commuters. It is a strong, safe, and technologically advanced car and it is easy to maintain.