Technology has become more important than ever before in today’s fast-paced world. According to a study by OnePoll, Americans spend an average of eight hours in their cars every week. Many people who commute to work or do business while on the road spend even more time in their cars. Therefore, it makes sense to upgrade your vehicle with modern high-tech accessories that can make trips faster, safer, and more enjoyable.

  1. ECU Tuning Device

When manufacturers produce vehicles, they build them for general buyers who could be located anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, standardization in manufacturing means that all engine control units are tuned as though they will be used by a typical driver who lives in a mild climate. Since ECUs are not adjusted for climate and driving style, untuned vehicles consume more gasoline while giving out less performance. You can use a product like a BMW or Subaru tuning device to change your car’s ECU to the settings you prefer.

  1. Heads-Up Display

Many high-end vehicles come with a heads-up display that shows important information directly on the front windshield. With a heads-up display, drivers can avoid having to turn their eyes away from the road to look at an LCD panel or even the speedometer. However, few drivers know that there are hundreds of third-party heads-up displays that you can buy to improve your existing vehicle without upgrading to a new luxury car. Some heads-up displays even work with Chrome Cast and Apple AirPlay so that you can watch and read content from the internet while on the road.

  1. Radar Detector

Although technology has advanced significantly, most police officers still rely on conventional radar guns to catch speeders. You should never speed while on the road, but a radar detector can alert you when police are near your vehicle. Therefore, you can reduce your chances of getting an expensive traffic ticket that will go on your public record. You should confirm that radar detectors are legal in your state before purchasing one of these devices. However, as long as your state does not have laws preventing you from using radar detectors on public roads, you can use these devices to reduces your chances of having a problem with the law.

  1. Dash Camera

Another great way to protect yourself from legal problems when driving is to use a dash camera. Unlike onboard cameras meant to help avoid collisions, dash cams are meant to provide video evidence in the aftermath of a crash. If you get into an accident, the other driver could try to make false claims about your actions on the road. With a dash camera, you can use recorded video footage to prove your innocence to police, insurers, and courts. Dash cameras can also enable you to successfully fight traffic tickets by proving that you did not drive in the way that a police officer claims. Dash cameras are inexpensive, and they work effectively on their own with little human input.

  1. Automatic Diagnostic Reader

Viewing the information on your car’s computer is notoriously difficult. Most cars do not allow you to view diagnostics information through an interface that is accessible to drivers, so you usually have to go to a professional mechanic to find out what is wrong with your car. In the process, you will usually have to pay money upfront or get guilted into paying the mechanic hundreds of dollars for a repair. Today, however, you can buy automatic diagnostic readers that plug into your vehicle’s computer system. You can then view feedback from your vehicle’s computer at any time from your smartphone without having to go through a mechanic.