Are you finding that it’s getting harder and harder to cover your monthly bills despite the fact that you work? Does it seem like one income just doesn’t cut it and that you’re either going to need to make drastic changes to your lifestyle or it’s time to think about supplementing your income? If you’ve chosen the route of supplementing your income and taking on multiple jobs, it will likely solve your money woes, but what about organizing and scheduling your time efficiently?

It’s quite common for those who work multiple jobs to constantly feel rushed, stressed, or suffering from a lack of time. Before you know it, things feel completely unorganized, which creates chaos in both your work and professional life. So, what’s the solution? How can you be more organized despite the fact you work multiple gigs? Here are some tips that are meant to help you bring order back to your life.

Start Using a Calendar or Scheduling App

The very first thing you’ll want to do in order to get organized and take back control over your life is to use a calendar or scheduling app. The worst thing is having to remember everything in your head and carry that pressure around, along with the fear of forgetting.

By using a calendar app you can jot things down as they pop up and are booked, and then set reminders. You take that burden of remembering off your shoulders, and you won’t have to worry about missing important dates and appointments thanks to reminders.

These tools also make it possible for you to get a clear snapshot of the day, week, month, and even months ahead. Again, this promotes organization.

Sharpen Up Your Time Management Skills

You’ll also need to sharpen up your time management skills as they have never been more important. Allotting too much or not enough time to complete jobs and tasks will only leave you scrambling, missing deadlines, and potentially falling behind which creates a domino effect.

Some of the ways you can sharpen these skills include being honest with yourself about how long it takes to complete a task, understanding your own energy patterns, being realistic about goals, limiting and eliminating distractions, and tackling the hardest things first.

Choose a Job that Works with Your Existing Schedule

When you think about supplemental income, it’s normal to think in terms of getting a part-time job outside of the house. Well, what if you could earn enough money to live comfortably but do it from your own home? This means you wouldn’t have to deal with commuting to and from another gig, you could choose your hours, and really pick a route that works with your existing schedule. Overall, it just means less chaos and more organization.

So, what kinds of jobs would these include? Think things like day trading that you can do from home, blogging, editing, computer graphics design, and so forth.

Focus on One Gig at a Time

Finally, you want to be sure that you are staying in the moment and focusing on the gig at hand rather than everything else that will be coming up in the day. By staying present, you’re able to be productive and efficient.

Juggling Multiple Gigs Successfully and with Organization

By using each of these tips, you will slowly be able to bring back order into your life and feel less stressed and anxious overall. Just because you are working multiple gigs, doesn’t mean that organization is no longer able to exist

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