The breast is one of the most concerning parts of every woman’s body. While women get a sense of femininity from their breasts, they also know how many diseases of the breasts there are. As a result, there is an increase in demand for good quality breast biopsy Los Angeles services, where women can get the peace of mind that they need. And should something be found, these biopsy services can also refer women to the treatment they need.

Breast Biopsy Los Angeles Services

In most cases, diseases of the breast are not cancerous. Furthermore, most women now know how to perform breast self-examinations, thereby being aware of any abnormalities. If there is an abnormality, such as deformed breast tissue or other problems, then there may be a need to perform a biopsy. Women don’t look forward to having this procedure completed, because they immediately think that it could be cancer. However, a biopsy is more like a medical checkup for a specific part of the body and does not necessarily mean there is anything to worry about.

A biopsy is a type of medical procedure whereby a piece of tissue or cell is removed. This is then examined under a microscope in a laboratory, where normalcy or abnormality of health can be determined. Chemical analysis can then determine what may be at play. There are different ways in which a biopsy can be carried out.

If a woman spots an abnormality of the breast, the biopsy will be ordered. What type of biopsy they have depends on where the abnormality is found, what shape it is, how big it is, how it appears, and what other characteristics it presents with. Good biopsy services can offer a variety of methods, including core needle biopsies, fine needle aspirations, frontal and direct biopsies, vacuum assisted biopsies, and open surgical biopsies.

In a fine need aspiration, a syringe with a fine needle is inserted in the abnormality, and sample fluid is then taken out. This is often used if there is believed to be a cyst, but it can also be used on a solid mass. A pathologist will then analyze the tissue. In a core needle biopsy, a solid piece of tissue is removed, using a needle with a hollow core. Image-guidance, using ultrasound, and MRI, or stereotactic mammography, enables this to be completed. The vacuum assisted biopsy is not unlike the core needle, but the tissue samples are collected using a vacuum. Automated rotational core devices can also be used here. Direct frontal systems are more unique in how they acquire tissue, but it is also completely safe and efficient, even if macro-biopsy has to be completed to detect early signs of breast cancer. The open surgical biopsy is generally offered if there is a large bump of mass. It is very rare for this procedure to still be offered, as minimally invasive techniques are preferred.

During a breast biopsy, various disorders can be detected, the majority of which are not cancer. Even if a lump is found, it could be non-cancerous or benign. If it is malignant, it can be caused by a variety of different conditions as well.