The city of Kochi is an attractive tourist destination in the beautiful state of Kerala, located on the southwest coast of India. Kochi or Cochin City has different importance from a commercial point of view. Kochi is full of commercial bustle because of its harbor. If you have flights from Dubai to Kochi or from anywhere for that matter, we are here to help you know why it is a must-visit place.

Tourists come in large numbers to visit the 600-year-old Kochi city. Kochi tourist destination has the status of Kerala financial, commercial, and industrial capital. Kochi is also known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea. Tourists come to Kochi to enjoy attractions, sightseeing, temples, churches, palaces, museums, etc.

Best Places To Never Miss At Kochi

  •       Mattancherry Palace

The historical Mattancherry Palace in Kochi is a Portuguese palace that has now been transformed into a museum. This palace belongs to the kings of Kochi, and this palace can be seen as irreplaceable artifacts and ornamented decorations. The grandeur and integrity of the Mattancherry palace reflect the simplicity and beauty of the state of Kerala. Mattancherry Palace attracts tourists.

  •       Fort Kochi

Among the major attractions of Kochi, Shamil Fort is a seaside town located in the southwestern region of Kochi, which is famous for ancient and historical colonial attractions. The Kochi Fort still rests based on long-standing cultural change. Tourists can get information about the remains of British rule at this place. Explain that some European powers had their beginnings and endings also in the premises of the Kochi Fort.

  •       Veeranpuzha Lake and Backwaters

Veeranpuzha Lake, a place worth visiting in Kochi, attracts tourists. This beautiful lake of Kochi is an ideal place to have a picnic with the family. Also, the backwaters enhance the scenic beauty of this place.

  •       Kochi’s Marine Drive

Kochi’s marine drive remains a center of tourist attraction in the serene backwaters of Kerala. Marine Drive has about three kilometers, an ideal place for tourists to roam in a tranquil environment. The crowds of people in Marine Drive are worth seeing in the early evening hours. The breathtaking view of the sunset on Marine Drive is worth a look.

  •       Sunset Cruise

Sunset cruises in Kochi are a must-see for tourists, offering a breathtaking view. Tourists can enjoy a sunset cruise on the Arabian Sea during a 2-hour-long trek in the evening. The significant attractions of Sunset Cruise include Marine Drive, Mattancherry, Fort Kochi, Willingdon Island, Chinese fishing net, Bolgati Island and Cochin Shipyard, etc.

  •       Kathakali Center: A classical attraction

The Kathakali center is a place for performing dances in the center of Fort Cochin. Native and foreign tourists come to this place to enjoy the dance. The Kathakali Center architecture in Kerala is worth visiting, which follows the Malabar style of architecture. Meditation sessions are also organized here in the morning. Apart from Kathakali, classical dance styles like Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, and Mohinattam can also be seen here. Drum instruments, kalarippayattu, classical music, drums, tabla, violin, veena, madalam, string instruments, sitar, flute, etc., are also the center of attraction.

Bottom Linel

With various tourist places, beaches, and classical music and dance, Kochi is a perfect destination, and the best part is that you can getcheap flights to reach Kochi.