Cakes have been an integral part of any occasion since time immemorial. It makes an occasion special and fills it with sweetness. Any party, especially birthdays, seems and feels empty without a cake. They are definitely the life of a party. All of us eat cake, relish each and every bite of it, but do we actually know how the concept of cakes came into existence? 

Yes, the history of cakes is as comprehensive and rich as the texture of the exquisite cakes that seem irresistible to us today. Another interesting fact about the origin of cake is that the word has a Viking origin. It has been derived from an old Norse word “Kaka.” They were no less than little lumps of cooked dough. The very first time that a cake was made, the taste of it was tad bit different than the ones we eat now.  The Egyptians were the torch-bearers when it came to basic baking skills. From the appearance of it, the cake had a bread-like appearance, and the honey was used to add sweetness to it.

It is also believed that an early form of cheesecake was baked by the Greeks. The Romans had also developed different versions of fruitcakes using raisins, nuts and other fruits.

However, the mid-17th century witnessed the advancement of technology. The basic ingredients required to bake a cake became even more accessible. It was this period that witnessed the invention of modern cakes in Europe. These cakes were round in shape and were topped with icing. is The first icing was just a boiled mixture of sugar, egg whites and flavourings.  

Cakes became much popular in the 19th century. Though at the time, cakes became a bit expensive due to the rise in the cost of the ingredients. Sweet ingredients were considered to be a luxury back then. Sugar and chocolate could be afforded only by the affluent class. Apart from the expensive ingredients, people also could not afford to use yeast in their cakes. Thus, extra refined white flour and baking powder were brought to bake cakes. Buttercream frostings eventually replaced the traditional way of icing. Previously, a cake used to be coated in boiled icing using butter, cream, powdered sugar and flavourings. But now buttercream frostings came into play.

The lives of bakers became easier with the advent of temperature controlled ovens. Earlier they used to observe the cakes from the scratch while baking was in process. The methods previously followed by the bakers were the reason why consumers would spend more to buy a cake. But owing to the Industrial Revolution, many essential ingredients became easily accessible to the common people. Consequently, cakes became more available at affordable prices. Even the availability of ovens at homes has ushered in some changes.

Along with the advancements of technology, there has also been a remarkable growth in the bakery industry and the gifting portals. For instance, if it is your friend’s birthday, and you live in the same city as him, sending cakes to India is feasible. If you were living abroad in the yesteryears prior to the noteworthy advancements, the process of sending cakes could seem a daunting task. But in present times, distance seems to be least of the problems. You can send cakes to India anytime and any day that you want to. Online gifting portals like are there to help you reach out to your loved ones and spread happiness regardless of the geographical distance.