As sad as it might be, it is no news that all of us become older and older year by year. We start noticing the first signs of ageing as early as in our late 20s. And the first signs of ageing are always seen on our faces. What are those? Wrinkles, of course! Wrinkles and similar facial lines start appearing for a variety of reasons, the main one being our skins incapability to keep the level of hyaluronic acid (HA) up. The levels of HA deplete as people get older for a plethora of reasons such as constant exposure to sunlight (sunlight is said to dry out the aforementioned acid). The consequence is we wake up one day – usually quite early in the morning – and get exposed to an all wrinkled up reflection of ourselves.

While some might quip that it’s a norm to age, wrinkles oftentimes cause stress and depression. This is mainly due to the fact that people are just unable to accept their ageing reflections. There is nevertheless great news and the news is: science hasn’t been sleeping all these years, creating a wide range of treatments that have made the issue of wrinkles and other facial lines obsolete. Among the many treatments available on the market stands out Botox.

Botox treatment is the most popular beauty treatment among men and women all over the world. Just think about it – a whopping 11 million American have undergone at least one Botox treatments thus far. There are many reasons why Botox treatment is extremely popular but the main ones are of course its effectiveness and safety.

You can easily get your Botox treatment by useing various search engines such as Google to search for Botox treatment, mentioning your location. Suppose you are living in New York. You can go ahead and Google “Botox treatment NYC” and get exposed to a variety of clinics with corresponding Google reviews. A great idea would be to check out the reviews the patients left about their Botox treatment and pick the clinic that is just right for you. In New York there is a handful of well-reviews clinics such as Miracle Face MedSpa that offer excellent Botox treatment options at affordable prices.

However, we are positive that you might still not be 100 percent sure as to whether you should go ahead and get your Botox treatment now. There are of course definitely a few reasons why you are having second thoughts about this. This iswhy we are here – we’d like to shed some light on some of the most common questions that prospective patients ask. So, let’s get started…

Will I be badly Hurt and Will I Cry?

No, no, no! We do know that the Internet abounds with hundreds, if not thousands, of posts that rant about Botox’s detriments. These posts conveniently omit the fact that Botox is certifiably safe. Yes – let us repeat it – certifiably safe! To break this down we’ll look into Botox’s history and how it works.

Let’s kick off with the history. Back in 1820 a German doctor Justinus Kerner was investigating a case of mass food poisoning that resulted from consumption of sausages. Quite by accident did he discover a substance that has ever since been called Botulinum toxin. Nobody back then would – of course – conceive the idea of using this substance to conceal wrinkles as well as other facial lines but time has flown and science has progressed. Two centuries later we are using Botulinum toxin to provide the Botox treatment that will hide all wrinkles. But what is the main implication of this historic reference? Well, easy: the morale is: scientists and doctors across the globe has had around two centuries (two hundred years!) to look into Botox meticulously to ensure that it is not harmful at all. This is the main reason why the most reputable public health organization in the United States of America – Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Botox in 2002. It performed a number of clinical trials that all corroborated the idea that Botox is as safe as it gets.

Apart from history, Botox is safe because of how it works. The substance is injected right where it is supposed to cover the wrinkles. And after being injected, it stays right there – that is, there is virtually no risk of it dispersing through the body. The substance simply freezes the muscles responsible for forming the wrinkles, without invading your body anyhow.

Will it Hurt?

Another issue that bothers a lot of prospective patients is whether their Botox treatment will hurt. The answer is again a no. Patients have reported experiencing pain similar to that of a mosquito bite. However, if you are still afraid, you could ask your doctor to apply numbing or cooling creams to where you’ll be injected. This way there will be no pain at all.