A survival knife is a sturdy knife that you can rely on one hundred percent, regardless of the situation. A survival knife should be suitable for splitting wood. So, you will be able to make a fire when it gets cold, or you need to prepare food. Also, it should be sturdy enough that you can build a shelter for the night out of wood. And of course, a survival knife should also be used for hunting. In short: a sturdy knife for survival.

When buying a survival knife, you should buy one which will offer you a wide range of services and options. A bowie knife is a kind of survival knife which can assist you in any kind of work when you are outside your home. While buying a bowie knife, the first thing you need to look for is the blade of the knife. The blades come in different materials and shape. From carbon to stainless steel, you will get the blade in any kind of suitable material for your use.

A good blade is, of course, crucial for buying the best bowie knife. But you should not forget the handle. The grip plays an equally important role. One of the most commonly used grip materials is multilayer material made of linen and synthetic resin which is also known as Micarta. Micarta ensures excellent grip even in the rain. In addition, the material keeps high-temperature fluctuations and high humidity. The material needs no special care, is wear-resistant, shock-resistant, and is very comfortable to hold. Excellent material for almost every knife.

Another example of a stable material is G10 and is made of fiberglass and synthetic resin. From the characteristics and the use, it resembles pretty much the material Micarta. In wet condition, Micarta has only the bit better grip.

Plastic handles are also very popular with bowie knives. Either as a pure plastic, mix or as a sheath of another material. Plastic is naturally insensitive to moisture and has, depending on the particular texture, a very good grip. Unfortunately, plastic is not a good choice for very hot temperatures.

A wooden handle is also a good idea for a bowie knife. Wood is a natural material that can still change and splinter easily when exposed to moisture and temperature changes. Of course, there is also stabilized and laminated wood that does not change so easily. In an emergency, you should rather take no risk and prefer a synthetic material for safety.

Which Survival knife is right for you?

Based on the above considerations, you will probably still be looking for the right knife for a long time to come. To make it even easier for you, you should definitely go for the bowie knife. You should think well about blade length and weight while buying one.