Cuban cigars are globally famous, especially because the act of manufacturing them has been perfected, including the composition since they are made of just Cuban tobacco. Cuban tobacco is carefully made like the best wines, similarly undergoing fermentation and the aging process, while they come in different variations to satisfy the consumers.

Cigar lovers have also enjoyed the luxury that comes with smoking Cuban cigars because it gives them the ultimate satisfaction.

However, when finding authentic Cuban cigars for an aficionado, it is important to understand what makes up the Cuban cigars and their uniqueness.

Cuban cigar is an age-long innovation

Since the 19th century, the process of producing cigars has been a significant part of the Cuban culture since they produce the best cigars in the international market. The cigar rolling experts can roll out over 200 sticks of cigars daily even though Cuban cigars are often fragile. This has encouraged most reputable Cuban cigar stores to keep their cigars in the best condition to avoid a reduction in their quality.

Even though cigars can be traced to the earliest period in Cuba, there are new methods of rolling the cigars, which is putting manufacturer’s signature on them. This new invention involves using a paper ring near the tip of the cigar with the trade name and a design.

Cuban cigars have been grossly counterfeited

Several counterfeits of Cuban cigars have been produced even at international level because of their popularity and high demand over the years. Fake Cuban cigars have been on sale in many cigar markets especially black markets, regardless of their price. Even in Cuba, such cigars are often made with low-grade machines, which produce low-quality cigars.

Despite the increased infusion of low-quality cigars into the global market, a very high-quality cigar gives a well-blended taste when consumed with specific brands of rum giving utmost satisfaction to people. Having the right Cuban cigar with the right rum can be likened to having the best meal with the best bottle of wine.

Cigars constitute the Cuban economy

One of the largest exports of Cuba is cigars and over $450 million value of cigars are exported every year. Whenever you want to enjoy different tobacco flavors of cigars, the best places to purchase them are stores usually called “Casa del Habano”.

Cuban cigars can be bought as a single piece or packed in boxes. However, according to certain states laws you cannot carry more than a couple of boxes of these specially made tobacco blends with you.


Cigars are extremely enjoyed by aficionados because it gives a feeling of relaxation through the rich taste and flavors. Cuban cigars are produced using careful, long processes to provide specific experience and luxury to long-time cigar consumers.

Among a group of Cuban cigar smokers, different moments are enjoyed specifically such as cutting, lighting the cigars, and shaping their tips to the desired shapes. However, Cuban cigars should be properly preserved by humidifying them because cigar sticks are delicate.