Doubles tennis is less popular than classic tennis among both fans and bettors. Tennis predictions for today on this type of game are also less popular. But it is not less interesting and can bring income from bets, provided that bettors have the knowledge of how and what to bet on.

Here is the main thing to consider if you choose doubles tennis – this sport is fundamentally different from singles. And the difference is not only in the doubles corridor on the courts, but also the principle of playing, as well as the accents essential to determine the champion. And the analysis becomes more complicated because there are four players.

What you need to know about doubles tennis

It is necessary to use flexible tactics for bets on doubles tennis to be successful. Under no circumstances you should conduct an analysis similar to that of soccer. And some people apply analysis tactics like in singles, but this is all wrong. If you want to bet on doubles, you first need to understand their psychology. On top of that, they have introduced a super tiebreak into the deciding games of doubles tournaments, making it harder to predict doubles tennis outcomes. Newcomers to doubles betting assume that taking a doubles bet is like the coffee cup reading. It’s not that complicated; you just need to acquire the right theoretical basis.

In this sport, doubles often change and new duos appear. Often their rating is low, as few games have been played. Many people make the mistake and underestimate the strength of the new double. To avoid this, you should analyze the experience in doubles, playing with previous partners. Only then it is possible to see a true and objective picture.

As in classical tennis, it is important to pay attention to the court surface and read the information on what surface and how the players of the double play.

Important criteria

Doubles tennis has very significant differences from classical tennis. To become a successful bettor in this area it is necessary to know all the details and features that directly relate to betting. So, the main thing you need to pay attention to when analyzing are the following:

  1. Chemistry. This is probably the main criterion to pay attention to. It determines the strength of the duo on the court. The more games a double plays, the better their chemistry. In fact, doubles tennis is considered a team sport, so there is no success without chemistry. Most of these doubles do their best to avoid changing partners, and play almost their entire sports career together, except for a small period of substitutions due to injuries suffered by one of them. It is mandatory to check how clear the interaction of partners is. They should confidently control the process of playing on their half of the court, change on time, and back up one another.

  2. One of a pair in singles. If one athlete of a double is a top singles player, it doesn’t mean anything, and it doesn’t mean that such a pair will win. Mostly singles players don’t play doubles, but if they do, they have a mediocre attitude to the game. The same can be said of a strong doubles player who starts out playing singles. For the most part, their playing process needs improvement. A bet can be lost if such subtleties are not considered when betting. So before you bet, thoroughly examine everyone’s strengths. It is not always the case that an athlete plays great in both doubles, and singles.

  3. Match schedule. There are athletes who do their best to develop comprehensively, and so they start playing in three categories: singles, doubles, and mixed. Therefore, if athletes participate in these formats, their playing schedule is very busy, and over time, fatigue will begin to take its toll. At some point, such athletes will begin to concede the game to a technically weaker opponent. Every bettor should remember that a busy playing schedule in different divisions has a great effect on physical fitness, and such players will give up their leading positions sooner or later. This is the most effective strategy among professional bettors

  4. Mental condition. Players should be mentally stable. It is a very important point, especially in doubles tennis. Here the rallies are faster, the maximum concentration is required, and the main thing is not to pay attention to the succession of unsuccessful matches. If a tennis player plays in different categories, and such a player loses a singles match, the success of another match on the same day is highly unlikely, even though it is a match in a different category.

  5. Tournament framework. The major doubles tournaments are played with the third set as a super tiebreak (a game to ten points – whoever has more luck wins), but sometimes the format can change. Therefore, it is important to know the format of the upcoming tournament, so that it is easier to decide on the type of betting.

In doubles tournaments, there are often tiebreaks. These tournaments are often won by pairs that play well in shorter games. Therefore, when analyzing doubles play, it is necessary to study the statistics of tiebreaks with special attention.

To increase the chances of winning with the chosen outcome, it is recommended to watch the match in real-time and follow the game with increased attention. Only the real picture of what is happening makes it possible to understand who has the greater advantage.

Doubles tennis features a lot of specific nuances and differs dramatically from classical singles tennis. They should be known and taken into account in the analysis, only then you can get the maximum benefit from doubles tennis betting.