The only way you haven’t heard of TikTok by now is if you’ve been living under a rock. Literally.

Just Kidding!

In case you’re wondering,

TikTok is a video-sharing app that lets users make and share short-form (60 seconds maximum) films on any issue.

However, it’s growing way past that in recent times. It’s become a force to reckon with in the music industry.

But How? Let’s look at Tiktok’s influence in three categories.

For Newly Released Songs

Almost every viral Tikotk song has crept into the Billboard hot 100. In 2021, Megan Thee Stallions’ “Savage remix” easily made No 1 on the billboard top 100. A part owed to Beyonce’s addition and the other largely to Tiktok’s strong influence. Especially on the massive Gen z audience.

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For Songs Decades Years Ago

TikTok’s booming magic is abundant even if a song has been outside the spotlight for a long time. Like the beautifully stringed guitar riff of Alexander Rybak’s “Fairytale,” released eleven years ago, found its way to Tiktok trends. Or “Bills” of Beyonce’s former girl band, Destiny’s child.

If TikTok loves it, there’s a chance the rest of the world would too!

TikTok Role In Advertising Music

To ride Tiktok’s wave of massive influence, music marketers now turn to the platform to score some credits. Paying influencers to promote a song can encourage a flurry of user-generated organic content from the fans. Some musicians arrange personal listening sessions with TikTok influencers hoping that doing so may boost the popularity of their newest songs on the platform.

Labels now use TikTok as a central location to advertise new releases and older music. Additionally, a fresh group of social media music marketers has emerged to aid in app promotion.

With a couple of generic dance moves and a star influencer cast, hitting the trends is well in sight.

What’s More? There’s A Spot For Upcoming Artists Too

With TikTok, artists can succeed without being affiliated with a label. Since it can be difficult to get into the music industry, many musicians try to sign with labels, but this is a very competitive strategy. Artists can create a true community around their music and become viral on the app with little to no financial commitment.

Conclusion- Is Tiktok Here To Stay?

The constant concentration on TikTok might be exhausting for some people. Some musicians have recently criticized their labels for asking them to create TikToks, saying it’s tough to juggle social media advertising with performing and making new music. But a shot at Spotify viral 50 or Billboard hot 100 makes it worth it. And if you’re down and out, check out

TikTok’s debut in the music industry appears to have been generally favorable, easing the process into the limelight and disseminating new songs by well-known performers. We strongly advise music artist management companies to try out TikTok since you never know what can happen!