With there being so many flooring choices available, it can be hard deciding on which ones are the most suitable for our homes and circumstances. All of them come with their own unique benefits, maintenance perks and good looks. A lot of the time, it is a toss up between practicality and good looks, but it needn’t be like that! There are loads of choices that have both. 


As much as we want to enjoy the look of our floors, practicality is something we just need to get right. With our floors coming into contact with lots of elements that threaten to damage it, we just need to make sure we’re not constantly worrying about it, especially if we have spend a lot of our savings on it! With this being said, laminate and luxury vinyl tiles are the easiest to keep clean, with only a sweep and a mop with warm soapy water a few times a week needed in order to keep it hygienic. Laminate is resistant to scratches, stains and water, whereas luxury vinyl tiles is full proof against these. Stone is another one that is easy to manage, and takes a long time for it to start looking grubby!


Durability is another important factor when it comes to our floors, we need to be safe in the knowledge that they’re not going to wear our within in a year! The most durable floors are by far solid wood and engineered wood, having life spans of centuries, often even out living the person who installed it! They can also be sanded down and refinished to remove any damage, which can be done more than once and not for the first 15-20 years, so you can only imagine how long these floors can last for!