One of the best ways to stay up to date with legal trends and learn new legal stuff is through listening to podcasts. The number of podcasts that do this is limitless and you can’t go through all of them to find one that completely suits you. A personal injury lawyer in Birmingham lists the following as the best legal podcasts for anyone in the legal field.

Top Legal Podcasts 

1. I Am Law 

The podcasts arms newbies with information regarding different fields that will help them in making the right decision. It has 20-minute episodes done with different lawyers from different fields. This podcast is real and hardly focuses on salary and statistics, but rather on real-life experiences. 

2. Daily Matters 

This podcast focuses on news, majorly on the pandemic as of late, for all the lawyers who were mostly grounded in their homes. This is the best way to stay afloat on matters regarding the profession. It features some of the best guest speakers in the law profession and some instances there are practicals that listeners could engage themselves in with the podcast. 

3. Lawyer 2 Lawyer

This is the longest-running legal podcast present today. It offers the viewpoint on different factors happening around the world through the lens of the host, J. Craig Williams. It features some guests on different matters who come and talk of the most current happenings around the globe and what it would mean to the law fields. 

4. LawNext 

The podcasts dive into different innovators and entrepreneurs who are shaping the law field. If you wonder what the law field could be in a few years then this podcast is a must-listen. From blockchain technology to new legal techs, you get a wide view of what is changing and what is coming in the field of law. 

5. Serial

The podcast is hosted by none other than journalist Sarah Koenig and features different stories that the public has taken interest in over the years. The podcasts are presented in a plotline where the stories featured are presented from one episode to the next. The stories presented are however real and not fictional. Serial represents an attractive view on legal podcasts. 

6. Maximum Lawyer

Hosted in St. Louis by Lawyers Jim Hacking and Tyson Mutrux, this podcast gives firm lawyers and senior attorneys tips on starting their law firms. The episodes run from 30-60 minutes and tackles some of the most critical topics that relate to law firm management. The podcast currently has a community of lawyers who share ideas, resources, and solutions with each other and even has yearly conferences. 

7. The Gen Why Lawyer 

This podcast is geared towards helping newbies and young lawyers. The generation targeted by this podcast comes from between the 1980s-1990s. Hosted by Nicole Abboud, the host talks to attorneys on where their generation intersects with their legal profession. The podcast is similar to I Am Law, only that this targets a specific demographic. 

Some of the Great Episodes to Listen from the Above Podcasts

These podcasts are like the ultimate best when it comes to the legal profession. From each of the above podcasts, we give you some of the best episodes you could listen to: 

  • I Am Law- Ep. 56- Let’s Talk About Sex (Trafficking)
  • Daily Matters-  Episode 35: Jeena Cho, Mindfulness Educator at The Resilient Lawyer
  • Lawyer 2 Lawyer-  Potential Legal Issues Stemming from the Reopening of Businesses
  • LawNext-Legal Futurist Richard Susskind on Coronavirus, Courts and the Legal Profession
  • Serial-S01 Episode 01: The Alibi
  • Maximum Lawyer-  Recovering From Loss, What I Know
  • The Gen Why- Steven & Cary Stayner – 207