It is expected that by 2028, the number of plumbers will grow by 14%. 

It is a high performing area because so many plumbing issues are common. Common plumbing problems range from installing garbage disposals to fitting pipes and clearing clogged sewer lines. 

Virtually every aspect of your home that deals with water, whether arriving, leaving, or is attached to a faucet, falls under plumbing. That means significant appliances, like water heaters, to showers, and everything connected to them is part of the plumbing system in your house. 

Common Plumbing Problems 

Another of the most common plumbing problems, and one that comes with the risk of tremendous damage to your home is leaky pipes. Water pipes bring water in, and sewer pipes take water and waste away, and if any of them leak, you can have a severe issue. 

You should always be on the lookout for leaky pipes. When a problem arises, it can be difficult to spot, but there are warning signs to be on the lookout for. If you notice any of the following signs, make sure to contact a leak detection company.

1. Watch Your Water Bill and Usage

If you notice a spike in water bills or usage, a leaking pipe is often to blame. Depending on how bad the leak is, and what kind of pipe is leaking, this can cause your water bill to climb very fast. Most people don’t budget much money for their water bill, so this can catch many people off guard. 

Your water usage can be watched via the water meter. Depending on where you live, this could be outside or inside your home. Do some research on your area if you are unsure and take the time to check it every week. 

If you get out ahead of a leaking pipe before it inflates your bills, you will be lucky. For most people, that isn’t going to happen, and by the time they notice it will be when they are receiving a bill for the water. If you do see a sudden and unexpected jump in your bill, contact your utility provider, then contact a plumber.

2. Strong, Musty Odors

One of the best lines of defense we have is our noses. When moisture builds up, it can be accompanied by a musty odor. If a room begins to have a strong, musty smell, it means that water is infiltrating the home at some point. This is often caused by a leaky pipe. 

If you have tried to ventilate a room because it smells musty and the smell returns, you can bet it’s because of a water leak. Sometimes this leak may be an exterior leak, which will make it smell more strongly after a storm or heavy rain. If it always smells this way, water damage is being done. 

3. Stains and Water Damage 

The best way to tell if you’re having a leak is because water will cause discolorations and damage. Discolorations appearing on ceilings, floors or walls are a clear sign of water damage. Often this will be caused by a leaking pipe near where the discoloration occurs.

It can also happen at a distance and the water can run down boards and pipes. It can be possible to trace it, but it is more important to have a plumber look at it. Having water moving through the inside of your house can lead to catastrophic water damage. 

Cleaning up a water mess can be very expensive as well. If you notice anything that looks like water damage, contact a plumber as soon as possible. The quicker you can stop the spread of rot and damage the less the overall cost and impact of the damage will be.

4. Mold, Fungus and Mildew

One of the leading causes of wood decay is fungus and mold. Water and moisture help give fungus what it needs, which is liquid in order to survive. This is the same with cloth, paper and other materials that absorb water. 

For the same reason that clothes can mildew if left wet, so too will your house. You may notice mildew or mold spreading on the wallpaper, or even on harder surfaces. If you notice this, it means that water is leaking somewhere and keeping that area wet. 

Even with good ventilation, it is hard to take care of the mold. Often you will have to hire a separate contractor to deal with the mold after the plumber has taken care of the pipe. This can add up to a pretty hefty expense, so prompt action is required.

5. Cracks in Foundation 

Water can cause even more damage than you might think. If you have a leaky pipe outside the home, it can build up water against the house or in the yard. If it builds up against the foundation it can lead to the widening of cracks as water will find a way to penetrate your home. 

This can lead to new cracks forming as well. Older houses are even more vulnerable to this type of damage as their foundations have already settled and often are cracked. Even a hairline fracture of your foundation wall will allow water to start seeping in, which will widen the crack over time. 

Water damages materials and surfaces over time. Wood may be damaged or rot quickly, but substances like concrete will take longer. The big problem is that they are also expensive to repair. The longer you have a leaking pipe the more damage will be done to your foundation. 

Leaky Pipes and Plumbers

Like with many things, you know your own house better than anyone. If you begin to suspect that you have a leak, have a plumber come over and check it out. Trust your instincts, and if you notice any of the warning signs here, make sure to take prompt action. 

The sooner you act on common plumbing problems, the less likely they are to cause more damage. Make the damage and the cost of repairs less by taking care of any problem as they arise.

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