Have you ever considered becoming a private investigator? Many people never think about this as a career yet it is one which is incredibly rewarding, challenging and highly varied. To be a private investigator, as with any position, one must understand what the requirements are of the job. In light of this we spoke to current private investigator Danny Boice to see what you ned in order to be able to do this job well. Danny and his partner Jennifer Mellon work for the company Trustify, who specialize in finding the perfect PIs for the client’s individual needs and on any given day that can be asked to perform a huge number of tasks. Let’s review then, what it is that you will need to be successful in this job.


The most important thing that a private investigator must have is a list of contacts and a solid network of people that they can trust. This includes contacts in law enforcement, in the courtrooms, in local security companies and much more. Private investigators trade in information and they not only require it, they also share it between their contacts. This is why so many ex-policemen take on these positions because they are already very well connected.


Private investigators must have a great understanding of the legal system, as this is generally where they will be operating. Whether they are working with private individuals, police forces or large companies, they must display a solid understanding of the law and its inner workings.


In some cases the PI will be working with divorcees or parents who are looking to gain custody for their child. In such sensitive cases a PI must be empathetic to the situation and handle the case with sensitivity. It is up to a private investigator to do the best for their client and in order to do this to the best of their ability they must be empathetic to someone’s plight.


It should go without saying but the key to being a private investigator is that you live up to the name and keep things private. Secrecy is very important in this role and that is why so many people refer to PIs as shadows. You must learn how to respect confidentiality if you wish to be successful at this job.

Flexible Working Hours

Private investigators do not have set working hours, they must be available at all times when working on a case. If you are looking for a 9-5 job then you should be aware that this isn’t it and that you could be called on day or not to perform your duties.

Private investigators have a highly interesting job which presents something different each and every day. The position is well paid and one which many people enjoy.