The AR15, also known as the ‘Assault Rifle,’ is a widely used firearm globally. It is also one of the most customizable guns and can be built according to its user’s requirements. 80 lowers can be utilized to customize your gun. It is highly customizable, and the user can choose to connect the barrel and trigger of their choice; however, it should be rifle compatible. An interesting fact about AR-15 rifles is that their parts are interchangeable with other same caliber rifles. Following is a guide to different parts of an assault rifle and how to choose the right one.


Suppressors are crucial for stealth mode shooting. For close combat or an ambush, a suppressor on a short barrel of AR15 is a perfect attachment. Whether a criminal in a police case or an animal in a civilian hunting spree, suppressors help with close shooting. Unsuppressed guns often cause serious inner ear injuries and complications; therefore, do not skip them while choosing the correct parts for your AR15.


The iron sight is a standard part of the assault rifle, which helps fire accurate shots. They can be replaced with attachments that enhance the overall accuracy. There are various advanced sights you can choose for your AR15. A red dot or a holographic sight is the most commonly used one. You can also use other ranged scopes when making long shots. AR-15 is versatile as they are effective at close range and pretty accurate at medium range as well.


A barrel is the most critical part of the rifle; its length dictates its usage. Usually, AR-15 is fitted with 16-inch barrels; however, they can be customized per user. For example, a shot barrel is perfect for close quarters, but a long one is perfect for making distance shots. The best thing about AR-15’s barrel is that it can be easily cut or customized.

Stocks and Grips

Both stocks and grips are crucial in increasing aim time, shot accuracy, recoil management, and bullet spread accuracy. Like all parts of the rifle, this can also be changed to boost the performance of your assault rifle.

Magazine Holder

As the name suggests, this part holds the bullets of an AR-15. It is usually on the lower side of the gun, just in front of the trigger. Typically, it contains 30-40 bullets, but the cartridge can be modified to accommodate more than 100 bullets.


The trigger is the part that fires the weapon. It is on the underside of the gun and can be replaced with other trigger types. The pull weight of the trigger dictates the response and fire rate of the weapon.

AR-15 is one of the bestselling firearms, and it’s down to its easy handling. However, to be a responsible gun owner, you must know the parts and their functions in a gun. This A-Z guide to AR-15 will help a new hobbyist enjoy and appreciate the firearm.