If you are handy with a spanner and a wrench, then you’ll know how useful skills like this can be. If you want to take things to that next level, then this is very easy to do. Handymen are in very high demand, and there are no limits to the amount of things that you could choose to specialise in.

What Skills do you Need?

If you want to become a handyman, then you should know that there isn’t any set kind of qualification you need. Of course, the more training courses you can enrol on, the more this will benefit you in the future so it’s always worth looking into whatever is available. You should also note that domestic work is very different to construction or even industrial work, so make sure that you meet all of the regulations. It’s also helpful to make sure that you have the right insurance before you take out any kind of work because if you don’t then you may struggle to get customers. The best thing about construction insurance from companies such as Hiscox is that the policies are designed to cover a huge range of specialities, so you can usually feel confident knowing that you can undertake a large amount of work and still be covered.

What Supplies do you Need?

The supplies and the equipment you need when you become a handyman will probably vary quite drastically. If you want to get a good start then you’ll need a toolbox containing all of the basics, along with sanders, planers, saws and step ladders. Painting supplies are also essential, along with a good amount of storage bins.


If you are self-employed then you need to make sure that you meet all of the right requirements. You need to make sure that you register as being self-employed with the right tax organisation and you also need to make sure that you document any expenses that you pay out as well. If you don’t then you may find that you end up not being able to claim as much as you could. Additionally, you need to make sure that you have proper insurance coverage. This includes self employed disability, health, and life insurance among others.

Finding Customers

Now you have been able to set everything that you need, it’s time for you to find some customers. Starting locally is always a good idea. Put up cards in local shops or even think about advertising in any local publications. Digital marketing might not be high on your priority list, but you have to make sure that you invest in it as much as you can. Local SEO is becoming bigger and bigger by the year, so try and make the effort to look into this and also take your time when analysing the various strategies that are available to you.

So, if you have a talent for fixing things then you’ll soon find that it’s very easy for you to turn this into a viable business idea. The above tips should be more than enough to get you started, as well as giving you the chance to really take advantage of the various options that are available.