The beauty industry brings in billions of dollars every year because people love to look good and feel better. They will always need professionals to help them do it. This is an empowering industry for entrepreneurial-minded people to carve out long paths.

Those pathways are numerous, from freelancing to working in someone else’s salon to running your own. The internet provides opportunities to vlog, consult and partner with brands as an influencer. Anything is possible in beauty when you come with a solid business plan and know the risks.

Self-employment is complicated (so is paying your dues).

So many hair and makeup whizzes are good at the art of it all, yet they can not turn a profit. Or, they come up short on time to tend to matters like ordering supplies. But they decide to rent space in an organized business and struggle to compete with veterans for customers.

You could opt for a combination of working as an employee and working for yourself to see which style you like best. No matter what, plan to hire a good accountant or build strong financial skills yourself.

You can never go out of style.

Everyone has a unique style in their appearance. However you decide to look, make sure it’s deliberate. You can keep it peppy and casual or overly glam so long as you look like it is exactly what you want.

Always mind the fine details, every day. Keep your nails manicured and your teeth sparkling. These communicate great self-care and health to your customers who are expecting you to transform them to look the same.

Always work with current licenses and insurance.

In the long run, trust draws more customers than followers and cool videos. Professionals handle people’s hair, skin and bodies in pretty deep ways, sometimes with chemicals. In the event of accidents or misunderstandings, you have to ensure you are legitimate and protected.

Beauty insurance is a must-have for not only you and your clients, but your space and equipment. You must also be careful that your particular licenses cover all services you perform. Find support in your career at communities like Elite Beauty Society, where professionals help each other keep up with the industry’s latest trends along with its pressures.

You’ll be a lifelong learner.

Beauty today is different than it was 50 years ago. Culture, fashion and techniques move with the times. So should you.

The internet makes it easier to continue education with online classes and certifications when you want to update your skills. You’ll probably meet best friends at all the conferences, fairs and trade shows there are. Some unexpected teachings may come from your coworkers, employers and clients who inspire you to try new things.

Your second talent may become therapy.

You have one of the most social jobs on the planet. There’s never a dull moment in the beauty industry. Your days will stay filled with interesting people from all walks of life.

This industry is one of relaxation and escape. When people come to you for an appointment, they want the time to feel special. Sometimes, they want to relieve all their cares in the world. Stay ready to go with the flow and be all things to all people.

If you still want to work in the beauty industry after you get the full picture, go for it. The most talented, hardest workers can grow rewards up to more than outweigh the risks. Once you establish yourself, you are sure to have many people to mentor because the industry is only growing.