Nothing pulls a room together like a carefully selected curtain, hanging effortlessly from the walls. When the job is done expertly, curtains may make your room look bigger. In the same way, you can very easily ruin the aesthetics of your room by either hanging the curtains way too low or by not making them seem full or wide enough.

Rookie mistakes are very common when you’re trying this out on your own so in order to make sure you use your room’s (and your curtain’s) full potential to impress anyone who walks in, keep these simple yet life-changing Do’s and Don’ts in mind;

 DO: Measure Your Window the right way

Learning how to measure curtains the right way is the most crucial step of all because this initial measurement forms the basis of all future measurements. In order to get the most accurate reading (even a difference of an inch can make your little project go from mesmerizing to messy), measure the track or the width of the pole instead of the window. Any measurement you take here will be utilized in cutting the fabric accordingly to the mentioned width.

If you are in the mood for overlapping curtains for your room, measure the width of the pole as well as the width of the overlap. Repeat the steps to make sure there is no mistake.

DON’T: Use Less Fabric than Required

The error in choosing less fabric than needed stems from the incorrect measurement of the window. The panels need to be wide enough to cover the window completely so there’s no empty space from which the sun can peep in at you! Curtains that are too short in length or not wide enough not only look out of place but they also seem to make the setting look messy which is definitely NOT the look you are going for.

In an attempt to not use too little, don’t end up making long trails of curtains. Such curtains not only look bad but they also collect dust particles.

DO: Choose Wide Curtain Rods

Rods always give your windows that extra ‘oomph’ factor and wider curtains make it easier for them to look good and dignified. No matter how great the fabric and the print on it is, if the pole width is off, it will never give you the results you were hoping for.

DON’T: Pick the Wrong Curtains for Your Window Style

You may be surprised to know that there is a huge variety of curtain styles to choose from and with each new category, it becomes a little hard to pick the right kind of curtain. Just like windows are built in many different styles, in the same way, each window will react differently to a certain style of curtain. You need to do your proper and thorough research before you decide upon the type of curtain you are looking for.

DO: Pick the Right Fabric

The fabric and material of the curtain are just as important as the design you’re looking for. A lot of fabrics are quite easy to deal with and can be hung, except when you choose materials like velvet that are a little heavy. Such curtains may require more curtain rods.

DON’T: Go Overboard

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by the process and get sucked into this world of aesthetically pleasing designs and feather-soft fabrics. The main goal here is to set a theme for the room and maintain the aesthetic with the addition of curtains. Adding multiple layers of curtains or multiple colors might end up giving the room overfilled instead of making more space. The more layers and fabric, the less light will be able to pass through.

DO: Choose Blinds and Shutters

If you’re one of the people who like to keep the design simple and have a very minimalistic aesthetic approach, blinds and shutters can be perfect for you in maintaining the beauty of the architecture. Blinds and shutters mostly exude a modern sense of style and if that’s something you’re in to, then dive right in.

DON’T: Discontinue at the Sill

A window with long curtains kissing the hardwood floor look much better than tiny specks of fabrics that stopped halfway near the window sill. For windows that are not too big, longer floor kissing, wide curtains can really help transform the entire look of your room.

After reading this, you may have realized how important curtains actually are. Yes, the main reason for hanging curtains is to cover your room for privacy, but there are so many more things involved. The design of your curtains much blend in with the room, the size of the curtains must be appropriate, the way the curtains are hung, etc. Although it is not difficult to find the perfect curtains, you just have to search around.