Coming up with an idea of how to build a new home can be challenging. Nowadays, most homeowners desire to live in luxurious homes that meet their comfort levels. DIY design is complicated if one lacks the skills. However, by hiring professional home designers, homeowners can achieve the design and layout of their new homes. Below are some of the best features to include when building a new home in Myrtle Beach.

Higher Ceilings

The prime benefits of high ceilings in a house include tons of natural light, more décor value, and increased home resale value. Again, a home with higher ceilings has more space that makes it more luxurious. Thus, homeowners should ensure that their new home has a taller ceiling because they won’t have trouble adding the finishing touches.

A Spacious Basement

When building a new home, the builder should consider creating a spacious basement. It should be more open, with the basement ceiling higher. This way, it doesn’t have to be dark and scary like those in traditional homes. Again, it’s best for safety purposes if one builds a tornado safe room in the basement. Thus, the family is always safe despite experiencing high-speed tornadoes that can be deadly.

Smart Devices

Smart homes have become common nowadays. Adding smart devices to a new home adds comfort levels and improves security. One can add smart devices, including smoke detectors, smart doorbells, door locks, and smart heating and cooling systems. Apart from increasing security, some of these devices also help reduce energy bills and save money each month.

Upstairs Laundry Room

Creating a laundry room upstairs eliminates the hassle of carrying dirty clothes downstairs for cleaning. This way, one can wash and fold the clothes in the laundry room and save the energy of moving around. Again, this room should have a window to allow natural light to flow in. With a spacious and bright laundry room upstairs, every laundry day is a day of joy.


Rainy and snowy days can be stressful when one needs to get in the house. However, having a mudroom eliminates this stress. In this room, family members can hang their jackets and leave the muddy shoes there. This room doesn’t have to be big because no one spends their time in it. Again, it should be built in a strategic area where one can pass by coming from the garage and into the front door.

Heated Floors

Those living in cold places can have heated floors in their homes. This helps to keep the floor warm despite the cold weather. Again, those willing to add the comfort levels in their homes can have radiant heated floors in their bathrooms or other parts of the house. The warming coils are fitted under the floorboards and turned on through a switch. For those willing to have warm floors, this is the best option.

Multiple Closets

Whether the house has kids or not, it’s best if one considered having several closets. It isn’t a must to share a closet. Homeowners should plan with builders to ensure that each bedroom and bathroom have a wardrobe. This way, it will be easier to keep clothes and shoes to avoid mix-up. Despite this, the rooms should still be spacious to walk freely despite the availability of closets.

Expanded Garage

Homeowners should consider building a new home with a more oversized garage. It should have an option of storing either three or more cars. This way, one can’t regret purchasing another car because the garage already has the space needed. Again, a spacious garage creates room for bikes and other tools to keep the home compound clean.

Central Vacuum System

Nowadays, homeowners dint have to carry heavy vacuum cleaners around to clean the house. Thus, when planning to build a new home, one should consider having a central vacuum system. This vacuum stays in the walls and has a container to collect any dirt and debris in the house. All one needs to do is plug a hose in a portal and have the house clean. It’s also beneficial to those with dirt allergies.

Before building a new home, homeowners should consider the following features. These features help people achieve their comfort levels and live happily. Again, if one needs to resell the house, it has a higher value.