Live streaming has gained much popularity over the past few years, especially during the pandemic. During the lockdown, when people were in their homes and practicing social distancing internet came to their rescue. COVID changed many things in a way none of us would have imagined. However, as far as live streaming is concerned, it took a completely different shift, and the growth was incredible. Earlier, streamers had to invest a lot of their time and energy to create high-quality streaming videos. Though they still have to do a lot of hard work to make their videos presentable and exciting, they now have access to many online tools and resources to produce high-quality videos easily. If you want to know what kind of tools and resources you can use to create a nice stream, learn more HERE. Here are some things you must know about the evolution of live streaming since the COVID outbreak.

Increased Number of Streaming Platforms

The number of live streaming platforms increased all over the world. The most popular was audio or music streaming. Almost 80% of the total population listened to at least one podcast a day during the lockdown. However, despite everything going back to normal, the most encouraging stat is that there is no fall in this trend; it is snowballing.

New Business Models

During the COVID, when almost all businesses were suffering, and the market was completely shut down, the business owners shifted towards retaining the existing customers and targeting the potential buyers virtually. Hence, many new online marketing strategies were witnessed, which are still being used even after the pandemic. Marketing products and services through live streaming and ads are some amazing new strategies businesses are adopting. As a result, live streaming has become a viable and trustworthy marketing tool for many businesses post-pandemic.

Increased Subscriptions

The number of subscriptions increased rapidly during and even after the pandemic. People who were almost disconnected from the world began to subscribe to and even re-subscribe channels that they found interesting and entertaining for themselves. Today, even after the world is back to the new normal, people still stay updated and listen to their favorite streamers as it has become a part of their daily routine since the pandemic.

Studying Tools

As the pandemic shut down everything, schools suffered too. However, live streaming provided the perfect solution. Institutes, teachers and students quickly adapted to live streaming and other online tools to save their academic year.

Digital entertainment, audio or video streaming, has been growing since the pandemic. No doubt it has entirely evolved after the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Live streaming is here to stay and is the next significant evolution in the entertainment industry. This is mainly down to the benefits and comfort it provides to the streamers and the audience. People enjoy watching real people doing things such as live concerts, music, and their favorite artists performing from the comfort of their homes.