No advertising agency? Not to worry, best online pokies real money has got you covered. Effective marketing tactics can be used without paying a dollar, even by rookie marketers. You and your team may start implementing these 3 small business marketing strategies right immediately.

1. To turn leads into consumers, use drip programs.

A drip campaign is a group of emails automatically sent on a predetermined timetable in response to a chosen online action. Not to worry; it’s simpler than it seems. If you run a yoga studio, for instance, you might send a welcome email to each new lead that signs up for your email list. Over the course of the following week, they might get emails introducing them to your teachers, outlining your course options, and providing a free trial class.

Drip campaigns are easy to start up and keep leads interested when they are actively looking for your product or service. You may be guided through the process of creating each email in your sequence and configuring your trigger with the help of email marketing solutions like AWeber and Pabbly, both of which feature automation in their free plans. Emails will then engage your leads with the least amount of work on your side.

2. To re-engage customers, use email newsletters.

The majority of marketers think that email marketing is the best strategy for keeping customers. By sending frequent emails with worthwhile material, you may keep existing clients from leaving (who spend 31% more than new ones).

Starting with a weekly or monthly email newsletter is a great idea. You may increase customer loyalty by offering frequent updates on your business, ongoing discounts, relevant news in the sector, and more. Use these core email marketing ideas to create your first email marketing campaign.

3. Add value through blogging

Blogging is a fantastic content marketing technique for positioning yourself as a market leader. Writing in-depth blog pieces that address particular queries your target audience may have will help you build trust. For instance, a landscaping business might publish a blog post about installing fake grass, including what it is, how to do it, how much it costs, and how experts can assist.

To guarantee that the correct people see your blog, use search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. You can improve your position on search engine results pages by including keywords like “artificial turf” and “artificial grass installation” throughout your post and by referring to other pages on your website and other external websites with high domain authority. But if you are in Canada, take a look at best online casino in canada.