Sending flowers is a great way to show appreciation for someone you care for. However, sometimes, you can get broke for buying flowers because they are not cheap. This is especially if you want to keep buying flowers for your loved one. In this situation, you need to find a way to buy cheap flowers that fit your budget.

Buy Directly from Wholesale Flower Store 

The easiest way is to buy discount flowers bouquet from an online wholesale flower store. Wholesale flower store sell the flowers in dozens and not a single stem. You get more discount when you buy more bunches in a box. Some wholesale stores will give you discount if you join their membership. If you are a florist store owner, you may be able to get even cheaper price when buying from a wholesaler.

Choose Seasonal or Hardy Flowers

Flowers become cheap when they are in season. Spring and summer flowers usually are the same. Some of the flowers of summer are gardenia, snapdragon, freesia, and lilies. That is why you always see this flowers bouquet on sale in the florist store in the early part of the year. Year round flowers like rose, carnations, and orchids are also cheap. Hardy flowers are stronger flowers that require minimal care and can last for a longer time. They are also easier to transport compared to delicate flowers like peonies. Examples of hardier flowers are sunflowers and dahlias.

Ordering the Flowers Early

If you want something hilarious order Happy Father’s Day Flowers that your dad will surely love. The earlier you can buy the flowers, the better it is. It ensures that the bouquet will be delivered early and not after the special occasion date which can cause disappointment. If the florist site says in 3 days it will deliver, there will often be some delay. So, you should order earlier like 4 or 5 days before to ensure the flower arrive on time.

Exclude Add-ons in Your Bouquet

You can save money on the flowers if you buy them without vase. Flowers with vase are more expensive because the cost of the vase is included in the price. Usually, people don’t need the vase. They can put the flower in any empty container they already have.  Providing your own vase is even better because you get to be creative with it. There are also other add-ons that you can include in your bouquet teddy bear, balloons and candies. These add-ons are unnecessary and you can exclude them. You only need the flowers to impress the recipient. If you want to add-on extras, you can try to look for the same items in other shop but at cheaper price.

Buy Flowers at Other Places

Often, you can get flowers at the farmer’s market for cheaper price as the sellers there are more opened to bargaining. You can get some deals on cheap flowers if you visit the farmer’s market just before it close. At the end of the day, some of the flowers may look withered but there are still many petals for a beautiful bloom inside.

Flowers are always cheaper when you buy them at your local grocery store like Walmart. The downsides is that the flowers in the grocery stores are usually not as attractive as the flowers in the florist store. You will notice that most flowers are already opened. If you are fortunate, you can find flowers that are not opened fully. You can squeeze the bottom of the bulbs to find out if the flower is fresh. Tight bulb is an indication that the flower is fresh.

Do Price Comparison

You should do research on different florist store and compare the prices for the same product. For example, through price comparison, you only have to pay $12.99 for a dozen of rose instead of $24.99. The flowers you get may compromise in some places but you still get a dozen of rose for gifting to the recipient. 

Choose Cheaper Products

You can also save money by blending cheap flowers with expensive flowers to make a bouquet. Alternatively, you can buy a plant instead for the recipient. Plant is often cheaper than flower bouquet. They are a cost effective gift option that your recipient will remember for a long time. For example, a cactus will make a great housewarming gift. You can come up with a creative vase idea to make the plant gift special. Instead of using the pot that come with the plant, you can use other containers such as cups, glasses, wood box, and pumpkin.