My friend George Ammar is without question the happiest person that I know, always ready with a smile and a kind word, and a man who laughs even when he displays resilience. I often assumed that George was so eternally happy because of the fact that he has his dream job, after working for many years he is CPA certified here in Cleveland, Ohio and beyond that he has his very own business here with Ohio CFO LLC. I had a chat with George last week about this happiness which he always has and he attributed it to only two things, first his family and the second was his healthy lifestyle. I know that living healthy can make you look great but I wanted Mr George S. Ammar’s take on why the health lifestyle makes him so happy.


The first point that George makes is straight from the medical directory, that working out and living a healthy lifestyle is scientifically proven to make you happier. The reason for this is that when you exercise you release endorphins which are naturally occurring feel good chemicals in the body. Furthermore eating well ensures that your body’s functions are all working in unison and that your brain health is better too. When your brain is in good shape George tells me, you are able to deal with stress far more efficiently and you are also farmer in control of your emotions, both of these lead to a far happier person all round.


Sleepis such an important aspect of life and George tells me that when he was younger and not living a healthy lifestyle, his quality of sleep was terrible. The reason for this is that if you are eating fatty foods or non-non-healthy foods, your body has more difficulty breaking it down and that means that you end up with a disturbed sleep. George tells me that if he gets any less than 7 hours of sleep he is in for a grumpy day, so he makes sure that he eats well so that he gets enough sleep each night.


George tells me that the reason why he began healthy eating in the first place was that he wanted to have the energy levels to play with his kids after work. What better way to relax and unwind than to play with the kids and let them brighten up your day, but only if you are able to do so. Once George started losing weight and getting healthier he was far more active and able to do much more with the kids. If playing with the kids each night doesn’t ensure that you have a happy outlook on life George tells me, he doesn’t know what will.

And so there it is, one of the key ways in which you can make yourself happier is by living a healthier lifestyle.