I have a close friend who is a private investigator and she was taking to me just last week about the wide range fo jobs which she carries out at any given time. I must confess that I was absolutely blown away by the range of activities which Jennifer Mellon and her partner Danny Boice may be asked to complete. They pair work for a company called Trustify which is a brilliant website that helps people to hire high level private investigators with brilliant reviews, and they do so with a great pricing structure and excellent support. I thought that I would share with you just some of the tasks that these men and women are often asked to carry out, see if you are as impressed as I was.

Child Custody

If one parent is accusing the other of not being fit enough to care for the child during custody hearing they may hire a private investigator to watch the other parent and see for themselves. If the suspicion is true and the private investigator sees sufficient evidence of this, they can actually appear in court as a witness and help the parent who hired them to win the case.


If someone is found to have been unfaithful during a divorce hearing, it is fair to say that they will come off much worse in terms of the settlement and child custody if there are any. This is why many men and women will hire a private investigator to find out whether or not their ex-partner was actually cheating on them.

Date Checker

Let’s say that you meet someone in a club and begin dating, but after three or four dates things don’t quite add up, you like them, but things seem to good to be true. In this circumstance you can hire a private investigator to do a little background check on your potential partner, and find out if they are exactly who they say that they are.


Privateinvestigators do not just do work for individuals, much of their work is carried out for businesses. Background checks for example are absolutely necessary for anyone that a business is looking to recruit, in order to protect the business and its reputation. Equally if a business plans to go into partnership, they will call on the likes of Jennifer Mellon and Danny Boice to make sure that the other company doesn’t have any skeletons in their closet.

Beyond all of these tasks that a private investigator can carry out they also work in conjunction with law enforcement on a number of different projects and tasks. Given the fact that many private investigators spent the majority of their career in law enforcement, they have the perfect set of skills that is required to work both with law enforcement agencies, and with individuals on private personal matters.