Pawning has been on the rise and becoming a popular trend for those who need a little extra cash or looking for a quick and easy loan. Pawning unused jewelry, watches, gold, or gems is a good resource that comes with little hassle. While pawn shops and stores can buy your unwanted items, pawning them is a way to get a loan on your goods without transferring ownership or selling them.

Reality shows feature individuals pawning or selling exotic, spectacular, or unique items, but pawn shops accommodate every day items of good value most commonly. Everyone has items around their home that are simply sitting there and collecting dust. Take a complete survey of items you have in the attic, basement, or sitting in your closets or drawers that you may have forgotten were even there! Items that hot to hock are gold, old coins, designer bags, memorabilia, gems and stones, and collector’s items. Brand names are always a safe bet. Chances are you’ll find a few hand-me-downs or rarely used items that could be temporarily traded for a loan. Or, if you’re ready to sell, pawn shops and brokers can purchase your goods, too.

The way it works is you bring in your item(s) and professional appraisers valuate them using current market prices and make an offer. After a negotiation, you receive your loan with a set time period to repay with interest. Upon repayment, the item(s) are returned to you. It’s a fast and straightforward way to get cash for items that have no value languishing in your closet. Because pawning isn’t done though a bank, the process doesn’t affect your credit.

It’s important to find quality, professional pawn brokers to deal with so you can fetch fair prices and receive helpful customer service. At Pinto Cash for Gold they are proudly Canadian-owned and operated and boast stellar customer service and the best prices in the Greater Toronto Area. You can also sell your gold, jewellery, high-end watches, diamonds, and other items for cash. You’ll receive an appraisal and offer for how much you can borrow immediately, and the amount is based on up-to-the-minute market prices for gold and more. There are no credit checks required.

To protect your privacy, it’s important to find pawn brokers who will keep your transaction confidential. With this guarantee, you can rest assured your personal information won’t be sold to third parties like many corporations and apps will do. A quality pawnbroker or shop will offer to have representatives come to you and perform appraisals and transactions in your home with no pressure to enter into any agreements.

Gold, silver, and other precious metals are part of a changing, volatile market, so the prices will fluctuate. Make sure your pawn shop or pawn broken is using up-to-date information, so you can arrange an accurate rate. Note that pawn shops are not responsible for the accuracy of third party sites’ rates. Be sure to ask the service team about different items in your home that might be good to pawn. You might be surprised at what you can get!