I have always been an advocate of finding, and most importantly, staying loyal to the best beauty salon which you are able to find. Beauty is big business and so there are clinics and salons on just about every high street in the country, presenting us with a difficult to choice to make when it comes to finding the best. The range in quality of both service and treatments that I have found across a variety of salons is absolutely incredible and for that reason it is always worth putting in the effort to find somewhere which is going to give you a great service. If you are looking to change the clinic or salon that you use, or find one in a new area, here is how to go about it.


The internet is probably one of the best places to start when you are looking for a new salon and you can start whittling down a list of salons in your local area. Pay attention not only to what the clinic offers, but also what kind of prices they have as well. I must be honest, the clinic which I use, I had found thanks to their great client testimonials and after reading the Sono Bello reviews, I had to check it out. Be careful when rereading reviews however as they should only be used as a guide, and not as gospel.

Friends and Family

Many people will have their individual favorites when it comes to a beauty parlor and it will be well worth having a chat between your friends and family to see who other people use. Remember that the finding process is all about discovering potential candidates for your next beauty clinic, so gaining as much information as possible will make a lot of sense.

Tried and Tested

In such a competitive industry, you should look for salons which have been around for a long time as it is more likely that they have high standards and popularity, which have allowed them to operate for such a long time. There is no guarantee of course that an old salon is going to offer the finest service and treatments, but it could well serve as a good indication.

Go and See

There is only so much information you can find out about a clinic through online research and speaking with others, to really get an understanding you need to make you own mind up. The best thing to do here is to book a series of small treatments at each place on your final list of candidates. During your appointment you should be looking at their service, the quality of the treatments, the overall environment and the prices, as well as having a chat with them about their story.

Once you have sampled each place on your list, you can make an informed decision about which clinic will be yours for the future.