Those who find success in their lives do so because of the sheer level of focus which they have on achieving the success that they want. Amongst other skills, focus is absolutely critical and without it, your ability to lead, to work hard or to be smart in your approach, will be entirely futile. Staying focussed however, regardless of what the overall goal is, isn’t an easy thing to do.

We had a chat last week with the inspirational and highly successful CEO of Sun Capital Partners, Marc Leder, to find out just what it is that keeps the world’s most successful people focussed, and how the rest of us and can ensure that we remain focussed on our goals, whatever they may be.


Some people may argue that if you want something badly enough then being focussed on achieving it shouldn’t be a problem, but this simply isn’t the case. Sometimes our mind can play tricks on us and fool us into believing that something is impossible, or harder than we thought which can wobble our focus. In order to counteract any negativity or forgetfulness when it comes to focussing on your success, it can help to have reminders around you. Inspire yourself with success stories of others, photos or quotes on your wall which serve as that crucial reminder that you need to centre your focus.

Small Steps

If you want tho be a CEO, there is little point in envisioning yourself as a CEO, and expecting that image to keep you focussed on your goals throughout your career. Instead, the best way to remain focused is to break down your success into bitesize chunks in your mind. In order do this you need to know what your path to success is, and then you can add small milestones, and instead of focusing on the big picture only, you can focus on the small achievements which you need to make, in order to eventually get the success that you are looking for.

Visualize The Results

One of the best ways to remain focussed is not just to visualize the success that you are after, but rather the consequences which that kind of success would have. For example, let’s assume you are an athlete looking to win an Olympic gold medal, visualizing the receiving of the gold medal will of course keep you inspired, but so too will the idea of having your face on magazines, giving interviews, coaching kids as a gold medalist, and all of the other benefits that will come with such a coveted prize. The key to really honing in on your success is to envision the trappings that will come with it, as well as the success itself. If you are able to do this then you can ensure that you are concentrating on what you need to do, in order to go after both the success, and the consequences.