When taking the step to adopt a child, it is important to recognize and understand the emotions they may be feeling. Here are four ways on how you can help your adopted child settle in and adjust to their new life.

Understanding Emotions

As your child settles in, it is vital to take on board that they will be feeling a mix of emotions. How they are feeling is completely natural and taking the time to engage and understand how they are feeling will help them feel at ease and adjust slowly but surely into their new life. Many children come from all sorts of backgrounds and whilst you may have been briefed on their prior situation, the reality of their feelings might be magnified more than you think. Taking time to be there and listen to their problems is important in giving your child the reassurance they need.


Another way to help your child adjust is by placing items around your home that are recognizable to the child and of interest. As you will have got to know the child beforehand, you should have some knowledge of what sorts of interests they have or whether they have a favorite toy or something of sentimental value. Building on what they like and placing items around your home that will bring them comfort will help your child feel at ease. However, ensure that you implement rules regarding behavior, so your child can understand boundaries.

Sleeping Pattern

From the very beginning, it is essential you draw up a clear and routine sleeping pattern schedule for your child. Installing a routine is vital to help give your child a sense of stability and ensure they get a proficient level of sleep. At the beginning, your child may have difficulty sleeping due to the unfamiliar environment they are in. Ensuring you can emphasize and understand their problems will give them the reassurance they need. The importance of sleep is essential to helping your child progress, as well as improving their mental and physical health.

Be Patient

As your child will be in a whole new setting, it is essential you have patience, as it takes a long time for your child to feel relaxed and comfortable in their new environment. The entire process can be incredibly overwhelming for both you and your child, so it is vital that you are able to express how you are feeling to somebody else, whether it be a family member or friend. Also, researching online for relevant information can give you more advice. Adoption agencies in California (if applicable) can assist you with any worries or queries you may have, so if you have any questions, just ask.

Remembering that a great deal of time, patience and effort is required to help your child settle in. If you need more guidance, ensure you research thoroughly online, as well as visit specific forums, which will help give you advice from other parents in a comparable situation.