A house is an investment for the future, a space for fellowship, and ultimately, the place you and your family call home. Protecting your home is a priority, so make sure it’s as safe as possible with a reliable entry door. Your door is the first thing your guests will see, and is one of the major ways to boost the curb appeal of your home, but it’s more than a stylish accent piece. Finding one that is secure, beautiful, and worry-free is the best way to give you and your loved one’s peace-of-mind.


When it comes to security, there are a number of important factors to keep in mind when replacing your entry door. Materials are everything. One of the biggest difficulties that homeowners face when choosing a new door is the material. No two materials are alike, and each has their own advantages. Do you want customizable fiberglass, low-maintenance steel, or maybe high-end wood? Your door is a representation of your personal style, so material shouldn’t be overlooked.


When it comes to security and durability, fiberglass and steel are some of the most reliable materials on the market. Fiberglass allows for stylish versatility without sacrificing strength, while steel’s durability and simplicity always make a reliable choice. These two materials can also be manufactured to meet many different shapes, sizes, and styles, meaning you get a door that’ll fit whatever aesthetic you’re after. For a comprehensive look at custom-installed fiberglass, steel, and wooden doors, visit https://centennialwindows.com — winner of the Better Business Bureau’s Business Integrity Award. In business since 1981, their window and door specialists can help you find the perfect door for your entry needs.


Is a pane too much of a pain?


It’s undeniable that a glass pane can beautify any door style and allow for unique customization options. In terms of security, certain window pane styles and materials can help keep your door secure without sacrificing structural integrity. For example, double-paned glass is much stronger than single-pane, meaning it’s harder for an intruder to break it and gain access to your home. Also, door panes can be tinted to various degrees of opacity so you can bring in light without allowing a clear view into your home.


In a jamb? Lock it up


While your door’s build and materials will help make it as secure as possible, no entryway is complete without a strong door jamb and lock to keep it all together. When the door, jamb, and lock work as a unit, they provide a secure entry system that can be both aesthetically pleasing and as safe as possible.


Whatever the material, it’s important to make sure that door jambs are treated to be weather resistant to prevent wear and tear that may compromise its security. Pair that with a strong lockset strike plate and you’ve got a secure system that won’t break easily.


When you look for your next entry door, make sure it has a balance of style, top-notch build quality, and high-grade materials to provide the safest entryway for your home that also maximizes curb appeal.