If you own a powersports vehicle, you likely view it as among your favourite possessions. It’s what you use to escape the every day, it’s your hobby, where you go to have fun, unwind, relax and let off steam. So, looking after it and making sure it is protected is probably very important to you. What is the best way to protect it? And how much protection is necessary? Is it really worth having powersports battery insurance?

To have peace of mind when using your powersports vehicle, you will want to think carefully about and give careful consideration to extended warranty insurance. This gives you much greater coverage than a standard warranty, which in turn, gives you much greater peace of mind to focus on enjoying your vehicle. One part of a powersports vehicle that may need replacing more regularly is the battery. For this reason, it is recommended that you have insurance to cover your powersports battery.

This is true for whatever type of powersports vehicle you own. Popularity is growing for all types of powersports vehicles in recent years, but the clear favourite is the motorcycle. There are so many different types of motorcycles and so many different uses. People enjoy them for racing, some even doing this at a professional level. Others enjoy road trips with friends and riding for pleasure. For others they are more functional and practical as, although they are a powersports vehicle, they are also legally able to drive on the roads. This makes them popular with those who live in cities or in suburbia who don’t want to sit for long periods of time stuck in traffic on the daily commute into work.

Other popular vehicles are jet skis. These are of course used mainly for recreational use. There are two main types of jet ski. First, is the one you probably see the most of as it is the most popular – the runabout, or “sit down” jet ski. As the name suggests you are able to sit on this type of jet ski and can usually fit a second person on it too. The second type is a “stand up” version of the jet ski where, yep, you guessed it, you have to stand up to ride it.

There are many other types of powersports vehicles, mostly used for recreational use, or in racing and sports, but if you are considering owning one, be sure to check out what is included in the warranty.