Are you thinking of selling your home in the near future? If you are, you probably have already started thinking about all the upgrades you will need to make before you can list your home on the market.

Interior upgrades like a remodeled kitchen, a finished basement, upgraded bathrooms, and new flooring are great additions to the home that can help the value increase, but that’s not all you can do to entice buyers. If you want to get a lot of attention on your home when you list it, you need to work on its curb appeal.

What is curb appeal?

If you aren’t familiar with the term, curb appeal is the level of attractiveness of your home for potential buyers, based on its exterior as viewed from the street. It’s important because it can truly be the deciding factor for prospective buyers, as well as increase your home value and contribute to the neighborhood’s value. Even if you aren’t selling your home, you should be interested in fixing up your property’s curb appeal.

So, what are some ways to make the exterior of your home more attractive to buyers? Here are some tips.

Repaint (or unpaint) 

Painting the exterior can give your home an automatic facelift in one weekend. It can transform your home from looking run down to looking brand new. The exterior of your house needs regular maintenance in order to look its best, and since the exterior is what people on the street see first, it needs to make a good impression. You could also replace the old siding with new, and give any trim a fresh new coat of paint. Visit Porch to search for “house painters near me” or spend a weekend and paint your home yourself if you have the tools and know-how.

Alternatively, you could remove the paint from your home if you think the color won’t be appealing to buyers. Not everyone wants to live in a bright green or purple home, and while it may have been what you wanted or what you thought was charming, it’s a very specific taste to show off on a property listing. Going from a bright primary color to a neutral or timeless color could drastically change how your home looks and appeals to buyers.

Fix up your roof

A roof with missing shingles won’t entice buyers; it will probably scare them away. Since you can see the roof when you’re standing at the bottom of the driveway, you probably will want to consider fixing up the roof before listing your home for sale. If any patches need repairing, it’s best to jump on those repairs before it turns into a more significant project.

If you are replacing your entire roof, consider the kind of shingles and color as well, because this can have an effect on your home’s value and curb appeal.

Upgrade your windows and front door

Replacing your old windows will not only make your home look newer and more attractive, but it can help save on energy costs depending on what kind of windows you get. Energy-efficient windows with double-pane glass can save you money on your monthly energy bills. While they won’t make you the cost of the installation back, they can lower your bills by a good amount each year.

The same goes for your front door. Upgrading an old door with a custom-wood or painted door can instantly improve the look of the front of your home while adding some personality to it too. Your front door can also be a source of leaking air and lack insulation, while a newer door can fix that problem as well.


Fixing up your front lawn and garden can make a huge difference in the attractiveness of your home and what kind of first impression it makes. Make sure your yard is cut and maintained cleanly, and weeds and debris are cleared away. Plant colorful flowers in your garden, as well as greenery like shrubs or even a tree, and place stones around for a finished look. You could also add outdoor lighting running along the driveway and around the garden for function and style, or other ornaments or garden furniture like a wire bench, big planters, or seasonal decorations.

Fix your driveway

Don’t forget about your driveway – you see it every day, so if it looks cracked or has stains on it, you might be blind to it. A freshly paved driveway is a simple way to upgrade the front of your home quickly, but if you want to take it to the next level, get interlocking stone or pave it over and etch it or stamp it with the color and pattern of your choosing. It can make your old, drab driveway look new and modern. 

Curb appeal is a crucial aspect to any home. Not only does it ensure your home looks beautiful when you return home, but it also can increase your house’s price when you sell it. The above ways are key to keep in mind before you put your home on the market. By completing these tasks, your house price will be set to rise.