Cannabidiol or CBD as it is popularly known is one of the most trending topics in the United States right now. Although it is not a new fad, its popularity has soared in recent years since it became legal through the farm bill of 2018.

It is one of the many substances that you can get from the cannabis plant. The interesting thing about it though is the fact that it has many beneficial uses when it comes to the health of humans and animals. It can be used for the treatment of ailments such as cancer, pain and inflammation, arthritis, anxiety, allergies, influenza, epilepsy just to mention a few. You will find some other of its benefits at

Some other useful substances that you will find in the cannabis plant include terpenes, essential oils, omega fatty acids, and flavonoids. 

Since its legalization, the CBD market has seen tremendous growth with many different products manufactured from just this one substance. It is also used in several ways based on these types of products available.

Available CBD Products

Common cannabidiol products include CBD oil, vapes, cigarettes, capsules, pills, and chews such as gummies. There are also balms, rubs, sprays, animal treats, cosmetics, beverages and many more. A person could even directly buy the hemp bud and use it as they so wish. 

Common ways it is taken into the body include sublingually through a few drops of CBD oil in the mouth specifically underneath the tongue. It can also be used topically via direct application of balms, sprays and cosmetics on the skin, through inhalation when it is smoked and via ingestion when it is used in food or eaten directly.

For clarity sake, legal CBD is derived from hemp and not marijuana. The difference between the two plants is their THC content which is higher in marijuana and it is what gives the cannabis plant its psychoactive effect. You should note that the acceptable legal limit of THC in any CBD product is 0.3%.

A little on the CBD Industry

The CBD industry is a big one and from estimates, it is projected that by the year 2022, the market will be worth between 22 to 25 billion dollars. This is thanks to the people involved in the production chain. They include farmers and cultivators, extractors, manufacturers, transporters, retailers, and not to forget the end users who are probably the most important set of people in the chain. 

As an individual, you too can be part of this industry at any point in the chain but to be a cultivator, extractor or manufacturer might require capital both in money, machines, property, or facilities. If you do not have all of this, do not despair, you can as well be a wholesaler that gets from a manufacturer and sell to retailers.

How Do You Become A Wholesaler?

Becoming a wholesaler is simple but first, you will need to take care of the basics. This begins with acquiring any necessary licenses or permits. There is no need for a special license to sell cannabis at the federal level but you may need a state license to certify you as legitimate.

Also, you will need to have a distribution channel or network and a ready client base. It is also important that you are aware and knowledgeable about the products, business and all that is essential to succeed.

When all these have been put in place, you can reach out to manufacturers who are more than willing to bring you onboard and sell their products to you. With this, you are now an important part of the chain and of the industry as a whole.

As a wholesaler, there are numerous products you can sell or you can choose to limit yourself to some specifics. You can view this link to learn more.

How to Buy Wholesale

The CBD market can be tricky especially for newcomers as it is not yet regulated. However, to ensure that you are buying the right products, it is crucial that you get your supply from trusted manufacturers who are licensed and who abide by necessary legal procedures and laws. 

A good manufacturer will also use third party testing to help build trust in the quality and standard of their products.

When you have found such a manufacturer, all you need do is register with them and you can begin to get their products so that you can retail to your customer base.


There are several aspects to the CBD industry and it is one industry that keeps growing. The earlier a person becomes a part of it, the better. Being a wholesaler affords you this opportunity. You should however ensure that you get your products from a trusted and licensed manufacturer who obeys the law and ensures good quality.