According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 156,760 employed real estate agents in the country. If you’re interested in selling your home, trying to find the right agent can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

By using these six tips, however, you can simplify the process.

Keep reading to discover how to choose a real estate agent for selling your home. With these tips, you can find an agent who has plenty of hands-on experience. They’ll also have the knowledge you need to help you avoid roadblocks throughout the selling process.

Instead of searching for an agent and someone to buy your home, simplify both matters with these six tips.

1. Check Their Certification

If you’re searching for a certified professional, look for a Realtor. A real estate agent with the title “Realtor” after their name belongs to the largest trade association of agents in the world.

To become an official Realtor, a real estate agent needs to pass a number of eligibility tests. They’ll also need to abide by a stride code of ethics. Agents who are certified as Realtors also participate in annual, extended courses to maintain their certification.

By earning their certification as a Realtor, these agents are also equipped with credibility as professionals in their industry.

That means these agents are more equipped to help you sell your home.

For example, Realtors have access to the Multiple Listing Search (MLS) database. This database includes the world’s largest listing of properties for sale. By adding your home to the MLS database, you can streamline the process when selling your home.

Only a certified Realtor will be able to provide you with access to the MLS database.

When trying to determine how to choose a real estate agent for selling your home, keep that in mind.

2. Review Their References

When searching “Realtors in my area,” consider asking family and friends first. Their previous experience with a real estate agent might help you find the perfect match.

Once you have a short list of potential agents, ask if you can speak to satisfied home sellers they’ve worked with in the past.

Ask their previous clients about their experience. Was the agent professional? Did they have any trouble selling their home?

Did the agent offer solutions, or was the real estate agent part of the problem?

Were they satisfied with the sale after the fact?

Ask the former client to provide what details they can. The better you understand someone’s past experience, the better you can picture your own. This process can also help you narrow down your list of potential real estate agents.

3. Determine Their Experience

How long has the real estate agent worked within the industry?

While many people apply for their real estate license each year, not many make it a long-term profession. When determining how to choose a real estate agent for selling your home, you’ll want someone with experience in the industry. They need to not only own the license but constantly try to improve and upgrade their experience by attending real estate post-license courses.

Veterans in the industry will likely have contacts they can use to help sell your home. They’ll also have hands-on experience with which marketing tactics work best.

Has the agent sold many homes in your area? How many of those sales were within your price range?

Make sure their education is up-to-date as well.

Don’t forget to verify their certificates and research their affiliations.

Their Agency

During your research, make sure to read a little about the real estate office the agent works for as well. When learning how to choose a realtor to sell your home, you’ll want to choose an agent from a reputable real estate office. What can you find about the office online?

Larger real estate offices often have access to a number of resources. Certain resources can make it easier for you to market your home for sale.

Smaller offices, on the other hand, sometimes provide more services and discounts.

A smaller office might also have more time to dedicate to you. Otherwise, you might end up working with an agent who is currently trying to juggle multiple projects.

Make sure to look for a company that’s local as well. Working with a locally-owned real estate agency means the agents often have more knowledge about local trends.

4. Meet Three

Employment in the real estate industry is expected to increase until 2026. With more people working in the industry, it’s sometimes difficult to find the best agents.

Don’t settle for the very first agent you interview. Instead, contact multiple agents. This will give you the chance to compare agents, their experience, and their capabilities.

Treat each conversation like an interview. Make sure to ask all of your questions.

Meeting up with at least three agents will help you find the right person for selling your home.

5. Ask the Right Questions

During the interview process, make sure you’re asking the right questions. These can include:

  • How long have you worked in the real estate industry?
  • Do you usually work with buyers or sellers?
  • How many active clients do you work with at the same time?
  • Are you part of a team? Will anyone else help you?
  • Are you familiar with my home’s location?
  • How will you market my home?
  • Can I speak with a few references?

These questions will give you a better idea of which agent is best equipped to handle your sale.

This is also a great chance to discuss strategy. The more you understand how the agent works, the easier it is to determine if they’re the right agent to sell your home.

6. Determine the Details

Once you’ve settled on an agent, make sure you both have clear expectations about the process. Get everything in writing, including the commission structure and list price.

That way, you both go into the partnership with clear expectations.

Sell, Sell, Sell: How to Choose a Real Estate Agent for Selling Your Home

Learning how to choose a real estate agent for selling your home will make the entire process easier. With these tips, you can sell your home stress-free. Now you can find a professional and minimize roadblocks when selling.

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