Did you know that Halloween events and parties are the most popular types of events and parties amongst attendees? If you want to host an event for Halloween this year, you need to make sure your event design strategy is up to par.

The good news? We can help you ensure that your event, regardless of the occasion, is a day or night no one will ever forget!

In this article, we’ll give you 7 tips and tricks you can use to take your event design strategy to the next level. We’ll also tell you about a few common mistakes to avoid, so you can reduce stress for you and anyone else on your event planning team.

Now then, let’s get started!

  1. Start Planning Early

Planning a big event can be quite stressful. One of the best ways to reduce that stress, and prevent you from making any errors, is to start planning early.

Of course, if it’s too late to start planning your event early, there’s not much you can do. But if your event is still a few months away, don’t be afraid to get started laying out the details now.

  1. Stick to Your Budget

One of the first things you’ll do when you start designing your event is to create a budget. Leaving plenty of room in your budget for error and planning for hidden expenses is always a good idea.

It’s also wise to stick to your budget and not try to stretch it too far. Always round up on your estimated prices and try to come in below those figures for anything that you can.

  1. Don’t Skimp on Food

Regardless of how big your budget is, always plan to allocate the largest part of your budget to food. After all, people are going to want to eat, and you want to serve them quality food. This can get quite pricey when hosting a bigger event.

Because of this, you need to expect to spend around 40% of your budget on food and drinks. That percentage can go up or down, depending on your type of event, but it’s a good ballpark figure to build your budget around.

  1. Focus on Your Guests’ Comfort

Next to being fed, the one big thing your guests want is to be comfortable. After all, if they’ve been fed good food and they’re sitting in comfy chairs, they’re already having a good time, which is what you want.

Seating, of course, is a big piece of the comfort puzzle. Going the extra mile and renting padded chairs or couches is a great way to ensure that your guests really enjoy your event.

  1. Don’t Forget About the Weather

To piggyback off of that last point, it’s important to keep the weather in mind when planning your event. This is especially true if you’re running an event that is outdoors. Unfortunately, the weather is the one wildcard that can ruin your event faster than anything else.

With that being said, even indoor events need to consider the weather, as bad storms can prevent people from wanting to travel. Picking the right time of year, and tracking the weather when your event is near, is always a good idea.

If your event will be outdoors, it’s wise to have a backup plan. Whether it be a building on the property or renting a tent in case of inclement weather, the last thing you want is for your guests to be caught in the rain with nowhere to go.

  1. Reach Out For Help When You Can

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to plan an entire event by yourself. Reaching out to other people for help when you can is a great way to reduce stress and prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed by the entire process.

Letting vendors handle certain tasks is another creative way to relieve yourself of some of the responsibilities. Hiring an event planner to help you out is a good idea, too, if your budget allows for it.

Using technology to assist you in designing your event is smart as well. Things like event design software and social media platforms for advertising can help you take your event to the next level.

  1. Expect the Unexpected

We get it. You want to throw an event that everyone is going to remember for years to come. You feel the need to deliver an event that is unlike anything your guests have ever been to before.

But chances are, you’re going to encounter a problem at some point during the planning process or the event itself. If and when this happens, it’s best to keep a cool head and roll with the punches.

As long as your guests are comfortable and fed, they won’t remember the small details. Once the event is over, reach out to your them via email or social media and ask about their experience. By doing so, you’ll know what improvements you need to make and your next event will be even better!

7 Useful Event Design Tips and Tricks

Well, there you have it! That is an in-depth guide you can follow to take your event design to the next level!

Remember, starting your planning early and focusing on your guest’s comfort is a great way to ensure your party is a hit. Leaving room in your budget for any unexpected expenses is also a smart move, just to be safe.

Looking for more ideas you can use to take your event or party to the next level? Check out a few more of our blog posts!