Think about all the time you would spend in your dream kitchen.

Not only is it the place to prepare meals and eat, but your kitchen may also serve as a spot to entertain guests, an area to do homework, and even a hangout point to watch television and play video games.

Or it could double as a home office.

That means when you’re deciding how to design your dream kitchen, you should keep all of its functions in mind.

Design Your Dream Kitchen

Of all the custom home renovations you could choose, a dream kitchen remodel has the potential to make the most significant impact for the whole family.

Give Them a Place to Sit

Picking the perfect seating is essential to the kitchen’s design plan. Consider the chair’s purpose, height and size, and materials.

Maybe a built-in nook with a corner bench that has storage space would work under a window.

Versatility is also important.

Whether you choose bar stools, upholstered dining chairs, or a combination, your dream kitchen needs a comfy place for everyone to sit.

More than Surface Beauty

You have plenty of options for the countertops in your kitchen design plan. Durability is essential, as well as material that suits the rest of your decor.

Some of the choices include:

  • Laminate
  • Granite
  • Soapstone
  • Slate
  • Quartz
  • Glass

The possibilities are endless. Consider keeping the surfaces light with dark or colored accents for a sleek modern, and airy feel.

Elegant Lighting

The right lighting enhances a kitchen’s interior. To that end, there are three types of kitchen lighting to consider.

Your primary source of light is known as ambient lighting. The idea with ambient lighting is to aid the natural light in the room.

Next is task lighting. For example, a drop light over a kitchen island adds the extra bit of lumination you need for food prep.

Finally, you can have some fun with accent lighting in your dream kitchen. Think about over the cabinet lighting. Alternatively, you can use kick lights.

Your unique combination of lighting fixtures will create your new kitchen’s atmosphere.

You Need New Appliances

Your dream kitchen might need Smart appliances. These days you can get a smart stove that’s wirelessly connected so you can do things like preheating the oven from your phone on the way home from work.

Similarly, you may want a smart refrigerator with an ice maker that does the usual keeping food cold and also has a built-in camera and a touch screen display where you can order groceries.

Or you can opt for something more traditional. Either way, the appliances in your dream kitchen are an invitation to make memorable meals.

Kitchen Island

No dream kitchen would be complete without a custom kitchen island.

It’s a functional spot with a small sink where you can prep food. Even better? You can transform it into an extra place to sit when you’re entertaining.

Build Your Kitchen

Your dream kitchen awaits. Do you have a favorite material for countertops? Maybe you’ve found the perfect dining chairs.

Let us know how your kitchen design plan is going in the comments below.