You know what they say, good fences make good neighbors!

A fence can define your property line and keep your home or business safe from theft, vandalism and even wild animals. It can also add style to your back yard.

But how do you find the right fencing contractor to take on your project? Read on to find out!

Look for Expertise in Fence Installers

One of the most important factors to look for in a fence contractor is expertise. You want to hire someone that is experienced with the type of fence you need as well as the applicable building codes.

Keep in mind that some contractors specialize in a particular type of fence such as wood, metal or commercial fencing. The type of fence you need will impact the kind of contractor you will choose.

Get at Least Three Estimates

Though it does take time, you should always get at least three estimates for any home projects you need to do.

You might find that the pricing you get is very similar. Or you might find that one contractor is way below or above the quotes you get from the others. Visit this website for a free quote!

Be wary of pricing that is much lower than other contractors. As you know, you get what you pay for. You don’t want to save a few bucks but end up with shoddy workmanship.

Getting several bids can help you compare not only price but also what is included with the price. Building a fence is serious and finding the best contractor is crucial.

Verify Credentials and Insurance

Once you have found a few fence installers with expertise in the type of fence you are looking for, it’s time to verify their credentials.

Look for a fencing company that is approved by the BBB. Choosing companies that are verified by the BBB offers you an extra layer of protection. You can avoid scams, ensure that previous customers have been satisfied with their services and look up the company’s rating and reviews.

Never hire a fence company without getting proof of insurance. Otherwise, you might be held liable if a contractor is hurt while on your property.

Ask Questions

When you request a quote, many fence companies send an estimator to your home or business to look at the area where you want your fence.

This allows the fencing company to give you an accurate quote that includes all the labor and special circumstances that may exist.

For example, there may be grading or sloping issues that will need fixing before a fence can be installed.

Here are some questions you might ask:

  • Will you call a utility locator for identifying the location of underground utility lines?
  • Will you get needed permits for the job?
  • Is the height of the fence going to vary over its course?
  • Are the gates and the hardware included in the quote? If not, how much extra are these?
  • Do you have a timeline for this project?
  • Do you offer a warranty? If so what does that cover? Is it materials, labor or both?

When the estimator comes to see your site (or on the phone with a representative) be sure to ask your questions.  If a company isn’t helpful or gives you signs that they are annoyed at your questions, you should remove this company from your short-list.

Guarantees & Warranties

Some fence installers offer a guarantee on their work. Be sure to find out exactly what that means.

A guarantee can include absolutely everything, like in a “satisfaction guaranteed” offering. Or, it can refer only to the labor and not the materials.

There may or may not be a time limit on guarantees. It’s a good idea to compare guarantees when you compare quotes. After all, peace of mind long term could be worth a little extra cost upfront.

Red Flags to Be Aware Of

As you work on finding a suitable fencing company, there are various red flags to keep an eye out for.

For example, be wary if a fence company gives you a verbal quote only but hesitates to put it in writing. Don’t do business with someone who will not give you a written estimate. If they fail to keep their end of the bargain, you have no proof about your agreement.

Be suspicious of any contractor who pressures you to make an immediate decision. And anytime a professional pressures you to pay in cash, you should be cautious and tread carefully.

Many contractors can offer a discount if you pay cash. This is often because credit card companies charge businesses to use their services.

By paying cash, the contractor saves this cost and can offer you the equivalent discount. A cash discount is not the same as a company that says they only accept cash.

Ask for References

Finally, ask the fence company for 2-3 references that you can contact. Most companies are happy to let you get in touch with previous happy customers.

When you call these references, be sure to ask about professionalism, good service, timeliness and if they would recommend the company to friends.

Review Your Contract Carefully

Finally, before you chose a particular fence contractor, be sure to look over your contract carefully.

Everything you’ve agreed upon should be there. This includes the total cost, the time of delivery, any warranties and extra parts of the project like grading.

Now You’re Set to Choose a Fence Contractor

We hope this article has given you the steps you need in order to find a reputable, professional and skilled fence contractor. Now, it’s time to get started on building the fence your backyard deserves!

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