People with good communication skills always get ahead in life. You might have a great mind and many technical skills, but you can’t go anywhere if you don’t know how to sell them. For any ambitious man or woman, it’s crucial to build extraordinary communication skills

Make a Habit of Writing

You communicate either by writing or speaking. You will improve one mode of communication by developing a writing habit and learn the better use of words. You have more time to think when writing, which allows you to communicate effectively. 

As you write, you also learn how you should speak, which words to use, and how they should be formed together to make them most effective. If you have trouble making it a hobby, you should publish what you write. Having people read your articles would motivate you to write more. 

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Ethos Pathos Logos

These three principles of communication were introduced to the world by a Greek philosopher known as Aristotle. Anytime you are communicating with anyone, follow them to make your message more powerful and convincing. It will, of course, take practice before you can master them. 

  • Ethos means you should establish your authority on the topic before you say anything about it.
  • Pathos means you should use logic to make your argument.

Logos means to trigger emotions in your audience so they remember your message.