The data shows consistently that it’s essential to keep your employees engaged and motivated to perform successfully as a business. In fact, it’s been shown that organizations with high levels of employee engagement outperform those with lower employee engagement by 202%.

These numbers can’t be ignored, and it’s just proof that a company really isn’t anything without the support and work of its employees. If you want them to be emotionally invested in your company and giving it their all, then you need to make sure that employee morale is high.

High employee morale is essential for frontline employees who deal with customers and potential customers on a daily business. If they’re not happy with where they work, it’s going to show when they interact with the public. So it’s important that you are focusing on inside sales inspiration that will keep them motivated and happy.

Here are some ideas on how to do just that.

Encourage Healthy Competition

Many sales development reps are competitive by nature, and they are driven by their need to win and consistently do better. Utilize these traits to your advantage by creating an atmosphere that encourages friendly competition so that they will not only meet your expectations but go above and beyond them as well.

The most effective way to do this is to create metrics that your team can compare themselves to, which includes obvious measurements like number of sales. They will be able to gauge their performance by hitting targets that you’ve set for them, but they can also compete to see who will get the better numbers.

Other metrics you can include are:

  • Likes on business-related social media posts
  • Total number of calls
  • Emails sent out
  • New leads discovered
  • New accounts activated
  • Number of accounts reactivated
  • Call-to-sale ratio
  • Size of orders

There are a number of possibilities when it comes to creating competitive metrics, but remember to never punish the losers. Instead, continue to support them and offer them the encouragement that they need to succeed.

Rewards, Recognition, and Praise

Sometimes it’s easier to criticize than it is to praise, but a team that is inspired is one that gets consistently praised and rewarded for a job well done. Even just a simple compliment or a shout out during a meeting can be enough to make an employee feel appreciated and motivated to consistently bring their A-game to the table.

Provide the Right Tools

Continuing to perform tedious tasks that often don’t end in a sale can be a downer. It’s especially more frustrating when a sales rep needs to spend so much time managing data or hunting for leads that they are left without time to do their thing and talk to customers.

Investing in inside sales solutions can help remedy the situation by providing them with automation that helps streamline the work that they do. Not only does it reduce the tedium of manual, boring tasks, but it also removes some of the pressure.

With these tips in mind, you should be well on your way to keeping your team motivated and happy to ensure that they are always giving it their best.