Everyone who has ever experienced a move knows the magical ability of this process to increase the amount of your belongings, especially clothes. It seems to you that you do not have a lot of stuff and that you will quickly cope with the transportation, but as soon as the packing process begins, you realize that there are more and more clothes and less and less packing space.

However, the process of moving clothes can be simplified in case you get prepared for it. Just believe leaving the packaging to the last minute and hoping that you just stuff everything into three old boxes is not a good idea. What is a good idea is to use the packing tips described below and follow https://got2move.com/long-distance/los-angeles-to-san-francisco/ to get professional moving from LA to San Francisco or any other direction.

What to Do Before Packing

There is something you should do to prepare yourself for packing clothes for moving. You need to approach the packing process in an organized way and, of course, not put off planning and packing until the last day before moving.

First of all, you need to decide what stuff you want to keep, what to donate, and what you can sell. When you start to put aside clothes that you won’t take with you, be honest with yourself and do not move items that have been gathering dust in the closet for a long time and that you are not going to wear anymore to a new place.

Once you have set aside all the clothes you plan to get rid of in one way or another, start categorizing the stuff that moves with you. The easiest tip on how to pack clothes is to sort all items into groups. You can choose the criteria by which you will sort your things on your own. Often, people fold outerwear and ordinary clothes separately, separate clothes that can be folded into moving boxes for clothes from those that need to be hung on hangers during transportation, separate children’s and adult clothes into different groups for easy unpacking, etc.

Clothing Packing Methods

If you do not know how to pack clothes for moving, here is a list of the most useful packing methods:

  • Cardboard boxes;
  • Wardrobe boxes;
  • Suitcases;
  • Duffel bags;
  • Vacuum or compression bags.

You can choose one method you like the most, but, in fact, the best way to pack clothes for moving is to use all or at least several of them. The combination of methods will help to ensure perfect packaging for different types of items and avoid damage.

Cardboard Boxes

These usual boxes are used for packaging folded clothing. Cardboard boxes are sold almost anywhere, from online stores to repair shops. To make the packaging more efficient, watch some tutorials on how to fold clothes for packing.

Wardrobe Boxes

These special boxes are used for transporting items on hangers. Such boxes are unlikely to be kept at everyone’s home, so in order not to buy them specifically for one trip, use the packing service of the company that organizes professional moving from San Francisco to Orange County following https://got2move.com/long-distance/bay-area-to-orange-county/.


A suitcase is the most common way to pack clothes. It is also suitable only for things that can be folded. This method is good because most suitcases provide stuff with reliable protection.

Duffel Bags

If you have a couple of duffel bags, they will perfectly replace several boxes. They are great for folded clothes and shoe packaging.

Vacuum or Compression Bags

Clothes moving boxes take up a lot of space. So, if you want to condense clothes, the use of these reusable storage bags is the best solution.