Do you rarely have time to dock your boat this winter? Are you wondering if you’re doing the right thing by keeping it docked?

Obsessing your boat is not necessary to keep it safe, but there are a few things that you should pay attention to. We’re here to help you through the process so you can always go out safely in the future.

Read on to learn about what boating for beginners must know when it comes to boating care.

Manage Your Gelcoat with the Right Materials

It is important to properly care for your boat to maintain its longevity and performance. Part of this care requires managing your Gelcoat with the right materials. Gelcoat is a protective layer of fiberglass resin that is applied over the fiberglass hull of a boat.

To care for your Gelcoat, use a good quality commercial boat wax. This wax will help protect the gel coat from UV rays, salt water, and stains. 

Wipe Off Moisture Any Moisture

Properly caring for your boat is essential to keeping it in good condition, especially when it comes to wiping off moisture. Before you put your boat away or settle it in for the night, make sure you wipe off any moisture that has built up on the exterior and interior of your boat.

This includes droplets of water, condensation, and dew. Use a clean, soft cloth and remove the moisture. This will help prevent the buildup of mold and mildew, which can damage your boat and diminish its aesthetic value.

Get Proper Boat Storage

To properly care for your boat, it is important to get proper boat storage. Your boat should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Make sure the storage unit is secure from thieves.

Proper boat storage and regular maintenance will ensure your boat is always in top condition. If you’re looking for more information about storage and maintenance tips, check out boat storage located here.

Know Your Oil Schedule

Knowing your oil schedule is an important part of properly caring for your boat. Keeping up with the oil schedule recommended by the manufacturer is essential to extending the life of the engine and avoiding bigger, more costly problems down the road.

Many boats require fresh oil every 50-100 engine hours or seasonally. A simple oil change can help ensure the optimum performance of the engine, reduce the risk of break down and save you money in the long run. 

Protect and Maintain Your Battery in the Off Season

Another boating tip you need to know is proper maintenance and protection of the battery during the off-season is essential. Ensure that a protective cover is used to keep the elements out and the battery clean. This should be done in a dry place away from extreme temperatures.

The battery should be disconnected and charged regularly. This helps to maintain the charge and prevents the battery from discharging and becoming damaged. 

Maintenance Tips for Boating for Beginners

Now that you know the basic methods for protecting your boat’s polish, you’re ready to keep it looking as good as new! Regular cleaning, waxing, and drying are key but don’t forget to take the time to wipe off moisture from your boat too.

This is the most important lesson for boating for beginners. Taking proper care of your boat will help keep it running smoothly and looking showroom ready – so don’t forget what you’ve learned today!

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