Understanding the company you’re interviewing for is vital before you go to an interview. The more research you do, the more informed questions you can ask, and you’ll also be able to relax during the interview. 

The goal is to impress the interviewer by showing that you’re qualified for the job and genuinely interested in what the company does. You will also be able to ask intelligent questions during the interview, which will show enthusiasm for the job and hopefully land the job.

This article will give you some tips for researching a company before an interview.

Here are ways to research a company before the big day:

Go Through the Company’s Website

It makes sense to start here. The company’s website can offer a lot of information about their products and services, locations, and management team. Here you will also find the company’s mission statement, values, and overall style, which give you an idea of the company’s culture.

Learning about the company’s mission, vision, and culture should help you decide how you fit in with the company. If the company’s values don’t match your own, it may not suit you as an employee.

Google Them

An excellent resource for researching a company is Google. Google is like a giant library where you can search for all kinds of information about a company. Enter the company’s name and see what comes up.

Google offers links to more comprehensive information from significant authority sites, like Wikipedia, and smaller websites, like Everybodywiki, where you can find profiles of different key executives in the company. 

More resources via Google like Glassdoor can help determine how present or past employees rate the company in culture, leadership, and other factors.

Research their Competitors

Do you want to impress your interviewer? Of course, you do. 

One sure way to do that is to show your knowledge of the company’s industry. If you can correctly answer questions about how the company fits into the industry, its competitors, and market trends, you’ll make an impression.

More importantly, it will show that you’ve done your homework on the company.

Here’s how:

Visit similarweb.com, type the company name or URL into the search bar, and click “similar sites.”

Whenever you click it, companies similar to the one you’re interviewing at will come up.

Take note of a few key differences and similarities so you can show that you are knowledgeable about the whole market and industry, not just the company to which you are applying.

Research Employees on LinkedIn

You can find the employees of the company on LinkedIn. Consider finding people who are in the same group or job role as you are. What are their backgrounds? There may be a trend in the type of person the company prefers to hire.

Linkedin is not only an excellent tool for job searches, but it is also an excellent resource to use to help you find more information about a company.

After doing your research, you’ll be prepared for the interview and present yourself in a way that will make an impression. Knowing the company will also help you decide whether you’ll fit in there.