We all know that owning a car is expensive enough. The costs can sometimes get on top of your and it may be hard to keep up. The annual serving of the car can always be a headache and a major drain on your resources. You worry how much it will cost you, will it be done properly, and how to find a good mechanic? Well, Carpe diem! Why not take care of it yourself? Or at least learn a few tips to help you keep your car in tip-top condition. Keep reading, you may learn a thing or two…

Stay on Top of Your Fluids

This means changing them at regular intervals. This can stop damage to your engine, thus avoiding having to change your engine parts – this can be highly expensive. So, it is wise to keep a close eye on them at all time. This includes your brake fluids, coolant, battery fluid level, checking your oil. Each of these checks only takes a few minutes and will make sure that your car runs smoothly. It will also give you peace of mind.

Make Sure Your Head Lights Are Clean

When your lights start to get cloudy, it’s time to clean them. Headlights can be expensive; therefore, it’s important to maintain them at all times. As you use your car the elements can take their toll on your lights. The protective coating can wear down leading to damage – this is when they start to cloud over. You can get a restoration kit to restore your lights to their former glory. This does not take long, and you will not have to break the bank.

Change Your Spark Plugs

It is always a big part of your service. So, that is why you should learn more about it. Make sure you use the right spark plugs for your car. You should always be careful with your spark plugs and get your hands on a spark plug spanner if you can. Get one that comes with a rubber insert, this good for holding the plug when you are lowering it into place. Remember, do not over tighten the plug when tightening it, and place all the leads in the right place.

Look After Your Tyres.

After you are done with your tyre pressure checks, remember to take a good look at your tyres. You should keep a close eye on the thread depth. Check for any damage that may occur from day to day use. 1.6mm is the minimum thread depth. However, you should change your tyres when they meet the 3mm mark – this ensures a good level of safety. If your tyres look damaged or worse for wear, replace them straight away.

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