Every year, Christmas comes around and Christmas trees become one of the most common ornaments in our homes. These come with Christmas lights, Christmas decorations, Christmas ornaments and Christmas wreaths. Did you know that choosing the right Christmas wreath is integral to the overall look of your Christmas tree?

Why do we even have Christmas wreaths anyway? The tradition of putting up Christmas wreaths dates back many years ago where evergreens were used to represent everlasting life. This symbolism was taken further by using them as a Christmas decoration in celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ. At this time there also became an element of bringing nature inside during winter.

Today Christmas wreaths are not only used to decorate Christmas trees, but can be placed around the home, hung from walls, doors and even above Christmas mantelpieces. Here’s how you can Christmas-ify your doors or perhaps use them as a Christmas tree feature this festive season!

Step 1: In order to style Christmas wreaths correctly, it is important that you understand some general rules. This includes understanding the colour scheme of your Christmas decorations, knowing which materials work well with each other and introducing an element of focal point into whatever space you’re working with. Firstly, let us go over some Christmas colours that generally go together…

Green – The colour of life, growth and renewal for almost all Christmas occasions.

Red – Once used as a Christmas accent colour, the deepness of the Christmas red colour now makes it an important part of Christmas decor. It’s seen as a Christmas symbol that represents tradition and fun times over the festive period.

Gold – Gold is often associated with abundance, wealth and elegance which is why it works well in many Christmas wreaths and Christmas decorations for your home.

Silver – The silver tone represents tranquillity and purity within Christmas decor so works great as an accent to various other colours such as green or blue.

White – White is commonly used as an addition to gold accents during Christmas time because of its perfect Christmas craftsmanship to provide a Christmas decor that represents sophistication and elegance.

Now that you know how colours work together, this beautiful Christmas wreath is a great example on how you can introduce Christmas wreaths to your Christmas tree this year.

Create a Christmas tree that features an embellishment of golden Christmas ornaments, red Christmas balls, silver Christmas tree garland and green Christmas pine cones which are all placed beautifully with the help of some gold wire.

For colour and style inspo, click here.

Step 2: After choosing the material for your Christmas wreath, it’s vital that you establish what layout will suit your space while adhering to some general guidelines on placement. For smaller spaces try opting for a more symmetrical approach while larger spacious spaces might look better with Xmas wreaths that are asymmetrical.

If you’re looking for more asymmetry, then perhaps try using different Christmas ornaments & Christmas lights to create a larger focal point within your Christmas tree. Here is another beautiful DIY Christmas wreath example.

This Christmas tree uses green Christmas pine cones to be its feature while it also incorporates rustic wood slices, some silver Christmas tree garland, green Christmas balls and red Christmas ornaments which all work together harmoniously due to their soft colour palette.

Step 3: A new trend that is beginning to emerge within Christmas wreath styling is the use of Christmas lights. This can be very effective in creating a large Christmas tree focal point for your Christmas tree while also providing an element of warmth and cosiness. You don’t have to just stop at Christmas lights either, another common material that has been used recently is green Christmas garland.

Step 4: Now that you know the ins and outs of Australian native Christmas wreath styling, it’s time you try creating your very own masterpiece! Get creative by trying out different materials for your Christmas wreath while using different colours, styles & layouts