When you start shopping around for fashionable designer bags for men, you may notice that even when you start scrolling online, not all bags are created the same. Even within luxury brands, there are lower-quality bags, and you, as a smart buyer, should be aware of this and learn to see if a handbag is worth its cost. 

How Can You Tell A Luxury Bag Is Worth It?

Although it may seem hard to see if a luxury bag is worth the money, knowing how to assess the quality of a bag is quite straightforward. Just by looking at a few details, you can determine the quality quickly. 

Although it can be hard to see this online, we always recommend heading to your nearest LV store to look at bags in person. 

Check Hardware

The hardware of a bag is the quickest way to determine its overall quality. Because they were made specifically for the brand or the bag you are looking at, distinct hardware shapes are a good sign of quality. 

As printed logos on leather can fade over time, engraved hardware is also a good indicator of quality because it shows that the brand is willing to invest in having its brand name on the bag for a long time. In addition to the engravings, take a look at hooks, snap closures, zippers and the like. 

Check The Lining

The lining of the bag is an often overlooked indicator of its overall quality. Designer bags will frequently have a unique lining, or lining that is a particular colour or material specific to that brand. However, how the lining is attached to the bag’s interior may be the most telling sign of genuine quality. Check if the lining is attached to the bottom, and look to see if it’s been stitched rather than glued, as the glue is less durable.  

Check the Make

Look at how the bag has been put together. Although it can be more costly for the manufacturer, simpler construction tends to be more durable because there are fewer parts to hold it all together. Obtaining and cutting bigger parts of cowhide requires ability and can’t be rushed. Simpler construction typically indicates high-quality craftsmanship, so don’t fall for fancy construction. 

Check the Stitching

 The handbag’s stitching should be equidistant, which means each stitch is the same length and is even also. The stitching should be straight and not have any obvious slanting, and there shouldn’t be any loose threads either. 

It’s not smart to buy a bag that was glued together, since the lack of sewing means that the bag will last less time. Glue breaks down over time, so save your money if you sense things have not been sewn. 

Check the Material

Leather is the most used material in luxury handbags due to its durability, but it will be more expensive. Over time, leather can wear down and soften, whereas synthetic materials tend to peel, which looks cheaper and faster.

Some people think that leather is genuine if it smells like leather, but these days people use leather perfume to get the same smell out of fake leather. The best way to check leather is to hold a flame to it, fake leather will melt, but real leather will darken, but not catch flame. This isn’t recommended to try on designer bags, those usually come with a guarantee. 

Now that you know what to look for, all that’s left is to go shopping. Remember that looking at a bag in-store is wiser than buying online, but if you choose the right brand, you can be assured of the quality of the work.