Given the fact that humans are social beings, and inherently crave communal interactions with others, almost as crucially as the necessity to breathe; it has been a profound challenge to deny and restrict the social interactivities which are the foundation of happy human existence.  Mitigating, or at least flattening the curve of the ongoing pandemic, has required that you and your loved ones lead a more solitary life, and distance yourself from extended family, and social circles, for an extended period of time.  

However, being intelligent, pro-active, and nurturing, many can use their mental faculties to modify their lives, and inhabit personal spaces in new and innovative ways, to meet the challenges which are forced upon society. What’s impowering is that you decide and define the kind of actions which, intentionally, build a bridge to your essential family, and a small group of trusted, close friends, to allow for safe, responsible, communication and interaction.   

Imperfect and Fragile, Bubbles Frequently Shrink, then Burst  

As life’s constant challenges tested your courage, tenacity, strengths, and beliefs, the bubble you meticulously crafted, can silently shrink, then burst, especially as the virus raged, mutated, and spiked. Science and human genius became the perfect pairing for the development of vaccines to keep earth’s inhabitants safe, after vaccinations, continued mitigation, and the passage of time. For many, their inherent needs for being social, engaging, active, and communicative, continue to be depleted, but wise words, and an adventurous spirit, have brought most to a place of travel, once exuberantly frequented.  What place was it? The quintessential road trip.

Embracing What You Have – The Road Trip

Centuries ago, Buddha taught that the secret to happiness thrives within those who “want and appreciate what they have, and do not want what they do not have.”  The freedom that you can give to yourself, and your family, when acceptance of your circumstances is embraced, is boundless and all-encompassing. The bubble is gone. You cannot gather safely with others in close proximity, for now. However, you can go out into nature and drive the open road, the perfect place. 

The joy, enrichment, adventure, and memories made, from changing your environs for hours, a day, or longer, are priceless. The journey that is experienced is a rich gift for your family, and as fulfilling, as the destination itself, with all of its incredibly unique vistas, and activities. The tranquility of being surrounded by the natural elements, water, plant life, habitats, fresh air, and large green spaces, builds human connections to each other, reduces stress levels, increases focus, and embeds a sense of well-being, and positivity, that cannot be ordered from Amazon.  

Nature, the restorer to good health, and the road that takes you there, are priceless.

2021 and Beyond – Road Trip Fun and Essentials Packing List

Anticipation for a road trip to special places is part of the fun, but preparation for going down the road, is what keeps the happiness, safety, and bonding time, positive and beneficial for everyone. Technology is an essential roadie tool, and it has evolved exponentially, making your adventure well-planned, as never before in your lifetime. 

The newest iPhone and Android apps allow you to save much needed maps, which you can download and access when you need them, online or offline, as often happens on the road. You can phone ahead to reserve a campsite, hotel accommodations, Airbnb spaces, or even reserve outdoor dining, listen to a podcast, or playlist, and receive weather or traffic alerts as they happen. 

Beyond this, a road trip is not a road trip if you cannot stay on the road. Thus, before venturing out, ensure you have robust car insurance from a reputable provider such as Freeway auto insurance.  To complete your preparation, make sure that you have your road assistance information easily assessable.  

Insurance and technology are road trip aids, but there is also the notion of entertainment. Playing the license plate game, I Spy Travel, and other challenging “road” games, are uniquely your own, and part of the fun of this excursion.

Comfort and coziness are necessary on the road. What is packed and taken with you, on long, short, or solo road trips, can assure that pleasure, happiness, health, and safety will be derived, and assured. Travel Tested Road Trip Lists must include:

    For Roadies:

  • Water in reusable bottles
  • Comfortable clothing, athletic, and hiking shoes, plus flip flops
  • Seasonal cozy pajamas 
  • Jackets and hoodies for unpredictable weather
  • Healthy foods and snacks for energy and wellness
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • Insect Repellent
  • A first-Aid Kit – Personal Medications 
  • UV Ray Sunglasses / hats
  • Quick dry towels / beach wear 
  • Sanitary Hand Wipes, sprays, and toiletries

For the Vehicle:

  • License, registration, plus proof of Insurance
  • I.C.E. card with contact information in case of emergency
  • Flashlight / Flares
  • Hands-free Phone Holder 
  • Spare tire, car jack
  • Extra Windshield Fluid and an Empty Gas Can
  • Paper Money, coins, and Gas Cards 

The best part of your journey is always the process, and the unique experiences you share with loved ones, valued friends, and extended family.