In this article, we would like to show you how you can complement your diet with the consumption of cannabis. This might seem a strange thing, as cannabis is not directly known for being beneficial in your daily life. Often associated with drugs and violence, it is still a product that is not embraced by countries around the world. When it comes to cannabis, though, many positive components can help you. Examples of ways it can help are increased productivity and combatting restlessness

Downsides of consuming cannabis

However, consuming cannabis in its natural form comes with downsides. Besides the positive components that can help you daily, as well as combatting medical illnesses, there are psychoactive components present. The core psychoactive component is THC, which influences your behavior. This makes it an undesirable product to consume daily. What if this can be eliminated?

The emergence of CBD

Working hard to find a method to extract the positive components, the CBD product has been developed. CBD is an oil product that includes the working components of cannabis, without the presence of THC. This makes it possible to consume it daily without any side effects in your behavior. This allows you to become more productive, focused and combat things such as restlessness.

Different doses of CBD

The extraction of CBD results in different levels of strength. Depending on your use case, you can select the strength accordingly. For example, combatting restlessness might require a stronger dose than does productivity. This is something that you need to experiment with, starting with a lighter dose and moving up according to the needs. The strength of the oil is indicated on the labels and also clearly stated on websites when purchasing the oil online.

Production methods

In general, there are two ways that cannabis oil gets consumed: through chemical or CO2 extraction. The first method refers to chemical components being added to the cannabis plants to extract the CBD. Once this is completed, the chemical components are removed from the product and the oil remains. CO2 extraction is a cleaner method that does not come with additional chemicals. This makes it a more advanced and high-quality product, also coming with a price tag.

Best ways to consume CBD

You can purchase the oil and add it to many drinks and foods. For example, you can blend it into your fruit shake, add it to a salad or use it to cook some foods. The downside of these methods is the fact that it is harder to regulate them. If you want the CBD to work effectively, it makes sense that the intake is consistent over time. This resulted in the emergence of CBD capsules. Similar to oil fish capsules, these can be consumed with water and help you to better regulate your consumption.