Homeschooling for children can be quite tough to get adopted because they would be used to attending regular schools. The teachers in the schools would have undergone special training to impart the required knowledge and skills to the children. Hence, it becomes easy for children to learn certain things.

As parents, you may not be able to teach your children in the same manner as the teachers in the schools do. But, you can certainly include certain ideas mentioned here to get your children glued to your home schooling techniques. These ideas would certainly come handy to you during this Ocvid-19 lockdown time, you can find helpful resources here to make Homeschooling easy.

1. Include puzzles 

There are a lot of puzzles that you can include to tease the brain of your kids. The Internet is a great source to download such puzzles. Puzzles and riddles related to a particular subject are also found on various online channels. If you want to make it more interesting, you can prepare your own puzzle and make your child feel good.

2. Rubik cube will tease their brains 

Rubik cube is known as one of the best things that can be used to trigger the brain cells of children. There is a lot of lateral thinking involved in Rubik cubes, and children would learn to start thinking of possibilities as they try solving the cube. While doing this, the kids would also develop the attitude of problem-solving quickly. 

3. Make them solve crosswords 

When you are dealing with languages, you can always make your children solve crosswords. Crosswords are one of the oldest and the best techniques used to learn a language. Also, proficiency in language can be increased when you make them solve these crosswords and word puzzles. There are a lot of board games that can be used to teach language to your children at home.

4. Get them to perform experiments 

Simple experiments can be done practically at home as you do not need a huge set up for that. Especially if you want to make the concepts of science clear to your children, these experiments can be highly helpful. Also, when you get your children to do these experiments, they would start thinking differently and also gain a lot of interest in the subject.

5. Lateral thinking questionnaire 

A lot of schools these days encourage lateral thinking over the vertical or linear thinking methodology. Lateral thinking techniques help children expand their thinking capacities and make them come out of better solutions. Even if the children take time, they would still be able to come up with various alternative solutions for a particular problem. These techniques can make your child become a genius.  

6. Teach them visualization skills 

While you are teaching, try using stories, and make your children imagine the concepts. A child can unleash the full potential only when all their sensory organs are involved during the learning process. Children who are taught to visualize are known to be better in their academics than the rest. So, this is one of the ideas that you can incorporate to make your homeschooling tutorials interesting for your kids.

7. Create clay models 

Explain a concept and get your child to replicate the concept using painting, drawing, or even presentation. Give them the liberty to choose their own methodology. Once they start reproducing the learned concepts on a piece of paper using any of the methods mentioned earlier, it would stay in their memory forever. It is always better to teach them to conceptualize a particular topic instead of making them memorize.   

8. Memory management

There are a lot of memory management games that you can include as part of your homeschooling. These games are going to help your kids retain the concepts learned for a longer time. It becomes easy for children to tackle their examinations and tests when their memory works for them. 

9. Group discussion within the family 

Encourage your children to sit and discuss the topic taught earlier with the family. To make it more interesting, you can make them speak impromptu by playing pick and speak. You might as well try asking them to project the concepts as you do in seminars, and this would increase their confidence levels to a greater extent.

Also, when these things are done, you, along with the other family members, can contribute towards the discussion and make it even more interesting.


Including all these ideas would be a great way to make homeschooling interesting. By doing all the above-mentioned things, you will also be able to learn the art of teaching. Teaching is always a two-way learning process; your knowledge of a particular concept is going to multiply when you teach it to someone. So, do you think these ideas would make your kids learn better while being at home?