Deciding to live together with a significant other is a big move to make.

That said how will you know when the time is right to consider living with a partner?

Some people move rather hastily to do such a thing. For others, they want to take as much time as they feel is needed to get to know the other person.

With that in mind, is living together the right move for you?

Avoid Rushing into Something You Could Regret

In considering living with a partner, you want to make sure you do not rush into anything.

By getting to know the person and how they act, you will have a better idea if living under the same roof is the right move.

For one, you want to know as much about their background as possible.

So, do you know if that person has a history as far as marriage? Are you confident they have been upfront with you when saying they are not involved with anyone else now?

You can and should use the Internet to help you out in finding more details.

You can go online and check out public divorce records.

With the person’s full name and any other relevant info you have, you should be able to learn a lot about them.

While you would hope they have been truthful with you all along, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Another thing you want to know about them is their financial background.

If considering living with one who has had money issues in the past or of recent times, how easy does that make you feel?

The last thing you want is to get into a financial predicament that may well have been prevented.

This is why it is wise to learn as many financial details as possible.

Among the things to look at:

· Any large credit card debt

· Issues with back taxes

· If they are paying alimony or child support to one or more individuals

· If they have filed for bankruptcy within the last decade

By learning these and other key details, you do a better job of protecting your own money now and down the road.

Understanding How the Living Arrangement Will Look and Feel Like

When thinking about living with a partner, you want to be sure you have an understanding of what will take place.

Among the areas that should be reviewed:

· Where to live

· How much to pay for a place

· How to break down the responsibilities of taking care of the place

· Understanding of having family and friends visiting

These and other things need to be talked about. That is so there is less chance of a major misunderstanding that can blow things up.

In living together, you can cut down on expenses, have more safety in place and have someone to share fun with.

So, is living together with a partner going to be the right move for you to make sooner than later?